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Paroles Musique provides a database which has song lyrics, french translations and video clips. Music based community members manages the content lyrics, translations, video clips and artists. Sign up like them to add your music content (discography, clip, lyrics and translation).
The best of music in lyrics ! Any kind of music and any language lyrics; past nowadays and future song lyrics are waiting for you. Musically yours, the Paroles Musique community ;-)
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According to visitors number this month
Title Artist Visitors
1 - Everytime Britney Spears 305
2 - Pussy Control Prince 302
3 - Izzo (H.O.V.A.) Jay-Z 293
4 - Making Pies(ft.Lissie)[cover Patty Griffin] Ellie Goulding 277
5 - Electron Serj Tankian 263
6 - How To Save a Life The Fray 247
7 - That Smell Lynyrd Skynyrd 226
8 - Caméléon Shy'M 216
9 - Ouvre Les Yeux Bambi Cruz 207
10 - Get Down Nas 189

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According to visitors number this month
Title Artist Visitors
1 - Signs (Feat Missy Elliott) Beyonce 354
2 - Chokehold Adam Lambert 236
3 - Chandelier Sia 215
4 - Mr.Sandman Chordettes 208
5 - All Of Me John Legend 203
6 - I'm Your Angel (feat Celine Dion) R. Kelly 189
7 - Anaconda Nicki Minaj 134
8 - Candy Iggy Pop 131
9 - Prayer In c Lilly Wood & The Prick 124
10 - Stay With Me Sam Smith 119
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