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I Don't Care lyrics by Apocalyptica
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I Don't Care Apocalyptica lyrics sheet
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music Apocalyptica - I Don't Care video I Don't Care - Apocalyptica song lyrics
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Official lyrics {I Don't Care}

I try to make it through my life,
in my way,
there's you
I try to make it through these lies,
that's all
I do
Just don't deny it.
Dont try to fight this
and deal with it
and that's just part of it
If you were dead or still alive
I don't care,
I don't care
just go and leave this all behind
'Cause I swear (I swear)
I don't care
I try to make you see my side
I always try to stay in line
But your eyes see right through
That's all they do
I'm getting buried in this place.
Ive got no room your in my face.
Don't say anything just go away.
If you were dead or still alive
I don't care,
I don't care
just go and leave this all behind
'Cause I swear (I swear)
I don't care
Not changing everything
'Cause You won't be there for me
Not changing everything
'Cause You won't be there for me
If you were dead or still alive
I don't care,
I don't care
just go and leave this all behind
'Cause I swear (I swear)
I don't care
If you were dead or still alive
I don't care (I don't care),
I don't care (I don't care)
just go and leave this all behind behind
I don't care (I swear)
I don't care
At all.
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2 comments for Apocalyptica - I Don't Care lyrics


#2 by Hyra 27/06/2013 at 19:05:13
il semblerait qu'on ait pas du tout la même musique, or
j'ai acheté le CD, et j'ai copié ce qui a écrit
précisément sur le livret, et je doute m'être trompé...
#1 by marron 26/02/2009 at 18:59:27
that's just part of it , je crois que c pas you
sinn c bien bye
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