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Resentment lyrics by Beyonce
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Resentment Beyonce lyrics sheet
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music Beyonce - Resentment video Resentment - Beyonce song lyrics
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Official lyrics {Resentment}

I wish I could believe you,
then I'll be alright
but now everything you told me
really don't apply to the way I feel inside
loving you was easy once upon a time
but now my suspicions of you
are multiply
and it's all because you lied

I only give you a hard time
I cant go on and pretend like
I have tried - and tried - to forgive this
but I'm much too full of resentment

just can't seem to get over
the way you hurt me
don't know how you gave another
that didn't mean a thing
no the very thing you gave to me

I thought I could forgive you
and I know you've changed
as much as I wanna to trust you
I know it ain't the same
and its all because you lied

I only give you a hard time
I cant go on and pretend like
I haven't tried to forgive this
but I'm much too full of resentment

I may never understand
why I'm doing the best that I can
I have tried - and tried - to forgive this
I'm much too full of resentment

I'll always remember feeling like I was no good
like I couldn't do it for you and your mistress could
its all because you lied

loved you more than ever
more than my own life
the best part of me I gave you
I would sacrifice and it's all because you lied

I only give you a hard time
I can't go on and pretend like
I have tried - and tried - to forgive this
but I'm much too full of resentment

I know she was attractive
but I was here first
been riding with you for six years
why did I deserve
to be treated this way
by you you

I know you're probably thinking
what's wrong with B
I've been crying for too long
what did you do to me

I used to be so strong
but now you took my soul
I'm crying
can't stop crying
can't stop crying
you could've told me you wasn't happy
I know you didn't want to hurt me
look what you've done to me now
I gotta look at her in her eyes and see she is had half of
how could you lie
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    No unauthorized reproduction of lyric. Writer(s): Beyonce Knowles, Walter Milsap, Curtis Mayfield, Candice Clotiel Nelson Copyright: Conjunction Music Publishing, Warner/Tamerlane Publishing Corp., Todd Mayfield Publishing, Beyonce Publishing, Emi April Music Inc., Bootleggers Stop, Universal Music Corp. Lyrics powered by
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1 comment for Beyonce - Resentment lyrics


#1 by sugagirl94 16/12/2006 at 14:58:15
ce morco m'toushe bcp.rnjspr ke sa vs ft le mme
éfférnbeyoncé se nest po k1 star pr moa c tt dabord kelk1
kom ns ki éssai de faire passer ses émotion a traver sekel
aimernet r1 ke pr sa je la respecte bcp. j8po kom ls gent ki
snt fou de sekel raconte ls gens ki regarde juste sa coupe
de sheveu ou ses vetment j8 kelk1 ki ne juge po ls gent par
leurs apparence ..rnbeyoncé est kelk1 de simple c pour sa
ke je ladorr
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