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Niliria lyrics by G-dragon
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Niliria G-dragon lyrics sheet
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music G-dragon - Niliria video Niliria - G-dragon song lyrics
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Official lyrics {Niliria}

G-Dragon feature Missy rappin
And I'm snappin and I get crackin
When I'm in the booth, I'm blackin
Y'all just yappin, y'all just yappin
We just laughing
I got hits hits hits like a tennis racket
Big Bang clap it, In another bracket
Racks on rack it
If the track is hot then Missy smash it
Party crash tragic
Buss it like a prophylactic
Tactics man this ain't no practice
Copycats, you swagger jacking
Who am I'z Missy Elliott
E to the L to the I to the O two TT's
That's effortless
Supa dupa fly ain't that a b–
And my style be fresh like a peppermint
On top, I make em drop
G-Dragon, this s– is hot
Don't stop, I make em bop
Up in the club, this how we rock
Turn it up, now, let it rock
Now, til the clock Go tic tock
Speakers loud until they pop
Let it drop like
Wop wop wop wop, Drop it like
Wop wop wop wop, Drop it like
Wop wop wop wop, Drop it like
wop wop wop wop, Huh!
jarang seureon hangug
myeot myeot ttaemune nangug
hansum hapum
shigeo ganeun gwan jung
One king, one crown
nae oenpare tatu
saeroun shidaeui mag changchul
Welcome to my wanggug
I'm the ill, what's it gonna be
naetda hamyeon Hit
eoryeobji anhji chateu wi jul seuneun il
naegen gandan mitshywa na deureobwatna
You don't want none, what what what
Get your freak on baby
Get your cray on baby
igeon raebeuro haneun
gugjejeog oegyo Baby
88 nyeondo 8 wol 18 il saeng ttag bwado
mwol gajyeodo namdareun manheun palja
What what what, drop it like nuilliriya nuilliriya
naega dora ganda Drop it like nuilliriya nuilliriya naega
dora ganda
yeoja deureun da Freaky freaky hae wae
baro yeogi Missy missy ttaemune Yeah
namja deureun da Jiggy jiggy hae wae
baro yeogi GD GD ttaemune Yeah
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