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Freestyle lyrics by Linkin Park
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Freestyle Linkin Park lyrics sheet
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lyrics {Freestyle}

I'm serious!
It can't get no bigger than this
Ma homie Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park
Puttin' down with DJ Vice
Let 'em know Mike!
Let it begin with the stutter of light and short circuits
Driven to givin' a minimal life more purpose
Behind closed curtains
I don't even exist this
Magic's created in the mirrors in the mist
It's Mike Shinoda and DJ Vice at the same time
Rhymes like rain that trickle down your main line
And flood your streets over a high-tech beat
To sneak two and full beats into turntable techniques I
Don't sleep to dream
I sleep to build stamina
Energy to plant in advanced
Get ya camera
With these rhymes you better seal off the parameter
One line and ya swimmin' off the south coast of Canada
This is the sound
Me and Vice in the cut
Roughing it up
Just incase you might get tough
Nitrogen 'n' in my breath
Just to light things up
And DNA in every line
So it's live enough
DJ Vice!
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