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Love U! lyrics by Linkin Park
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Love U! Linkin Park lyrics sheet
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music Linkin Park - Love U! video Love U! - Linkin Park song lyrics
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lyrics {Love U!}

You took a pretty picture
And you smashed it into bits
Sank me into blackness
And you sealed it with a kiss

If only I could let you go
Why do I need you so

It's amazing what a boy can do
I cannot stop myself
Wish I didn't want you like I do
Want you and no one else

You took a poison arrow
And you aimed it at my heart
It's heavy and it's bitter
And it's tearing me apart

If only I could set you free
You worked your way inside of me


It's amazing what a boy can say
I cannot stop myself
Seems I love you more than yesterday
Love you and no one else

Oh, it's amazing


It's amazing what a boy can say
I cannot stop myself
Seems I love you more than yesterday
Love you and no one else

It's amazing
Oh, it's amazing

I cannot stop myself
Wish I didn't
Love you and no one else
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