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Money For Drugz lyrics by Linkin Park
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Money For Drugz Linkin Park lyrics sheet
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music Linkin Park - Money For Drugz video Money For Drugz - Linkin Park song lyrics
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lyrics {Money For Drugz}

I...wanna make money for drugz
To be sucked and eat bugz
I wanna be a rockstar...
but people say i'm pathatic
even my own mother!!

my earlier song was a flop.
so i wanted to make a joint

so roll roll roll my joint
like i've never seen before...

i wanna get stoned like my father every day...
and drink a lot of rum like my father every day...

FATHER (father)
FATHER (father)
FATHER (father)

I wanna be a rockstar...
and make money for drugz every day

i'm so addicted to marhijuana..
that i can't live without your mama

your my :

I wanna smoke weed every day...
get stoned like my father...(every day)

I got a gun the other day...
it's right in my pocket...
(yeah right in my pocket!)

no lights no music...

i think i wanna stay....
to make money for drugzzzz!
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