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Piercing The Skin lyrics by Linkin Park
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Piercing The Skin Linkin Park lyrics sheet
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music Linkin Park - Piercing The Skin video Piercing The Skin - Linkin Park song lyrics
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lyrics {Piercing The Skin}

i look around...
i look around...
i look around and i see myself
i look around and i see myself
im piercing the skin

im piercing the skin
one more time, im piercing the skin
its going deeper through the skin
going down, going down!

i turn around and i look at myself
i see the blood on the floor
i see the cut on my arm
i ask myself why

im piercing the skin
one more time, im piercing the skin
its going deeper through the skin
going down, going down!

its hard to find you when your not around
i know that your here smiling down
you look at me and i look at you
but nothing you can say or do
compares to the pain that i felt
when you said we would go our seperate ways
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