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Shouting Out lyrics by Linkin Park
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Shouting Out Linkin Park lyrics sheet
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music Linkin Park - Shouting Out video Shouting Out - Linkin Park song lyrics
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lyrics {Shouting Out}

Silent criminals analyzed
Through psychic waving tears
Superstitious minds collide
As silence fills the hall

Silence moving proclamations
This silence proving lies,
Speechless cries, emotions dull
Shouting out across the hall

I didn't mean to let you down
I'm shouting out so ashamed
I didn't mean to run from you
I didn't mean to
Shouting out

Shouting weakness in your eyes
You're crawling on your knees
Roaming aimless through skies lost
As silence shakes the halls

Creeping past all illusions
Searching thoughts that hide
Silence brakes in weeping hands
Shouting out and in again

I didn't mean to let you down
I'm shouting out so ashamed
I didn't mean to run from you
I didn't mean to
Shouting out

La de da la de da da hum
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