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Melodia (feat.Egas) lyrics by Lylloo
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Melodia (feat.Egas) Lylloo lyrics sheet
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music Lylloo - Melodia (feat.Egas) video Melodia (feat.Egas) - Lylloo song lyrics
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1 comment for Lylloo - Melodia (feat.Egas) lyrics


#1 by Lorena 17/01/2016 at 05:04:15
Merci!!!!! I just realized that this is my favorite song. I
began to workout to latin music and watching the videos
while do so, and realized that after 100's of music videos I
kept playing your song feat Egas. I absolutely love BOTH of
your voices. I will even post it on my FB page.
Again, thank you! Hope Lyllo and Egas record another song.
All the way from Rio Rico Arizona
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