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Hey Sexy Lady lyrics by Shaggy
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Hey Sexy Lady Shaggy lyrics sheet
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music Shaggy - Hey Sexy Lady video Hey Sexy Lady - Shaggy song lyrics
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Official lyrics {Hey Sexy Lady}

Sexy, hot!
I love your style girl,
put it on me
Brian and Tony Gold let the ladies know,
they got it goin on
Uh! Shaggy!!

Hey sexy lady, I like your flow
Your body's bangin', out of control! (Uh!)
You put it on me (That's right) ceiling to floor
Only you can make me scream and beg for more!

Her body's callin, bawlin'
got me crawlin' up the wall and
My size ain't small, it's tall
and catch a glimpse her clothes be fallin

Her neighbor's callin, bawlin
all this noise is so appallin'
They must believe we're brawlin'
headboards bang till early mornin'

Hey sexy lady (Uh!!) I like your flow
Your body's bangin' (Yo) out of control!!! Yo! (A big tune)
You put it on me (Uh!!)) ceiling to floor (Ceiling to floor
Only you can make me (Uh) scream and beg for more!!!

I was her father's choosin',
performance left her snoozin'
Rug burns her knees we're bruised and,
she's hooked ain't no refusin'

I knew it all along (Uh!)
she was the perfect one (What!!!)
She really put it on (On me)
I had to write a song

Hey sexy lady (She's drivin me nuts)
I like your flow (Uh! Uh!)
Your body's bangin' (Sexy Lady) out of control!!! (Sweet and
You put it on me (You know you got that figure)
ceiling to floor
Only you can make me (Wow)
scream and beg for more!!!

Hey sexy lady you be fine, drive me crazy
movin' on, and on, and on
Hey sexy lady you be fine, drive me crazy
movin' on, and on, and on

Gal you're extra sexy like (Whoa)
and you make me wanna say (Hi)
When you shake, you shake it down (Low)
Gal you wicked to rahtid nah (Lie)
Gal I like the way how you (Flow)
everytime you passin' me (By)
Gal you wiggly jiggly and (Oh)
and you wicked to rahtid nah (Lie)

Hey sexy lady (Uh!) I like your flow (Whaddat)
Your body's bangin', out of control!!!
You put it on me (Put it on me baby) ceiling to floor (Uh!!)
Only you can make me (Only you) scream and beg for more!!!

Uh, moist, ha ha ha ha ha ha...
  • Lyrics copyright : Legal lyrics licensed by MusiXmatch.
    No unauthorized reproduction of lyric. Writer(s): O. Burrell, Sean Paul Henriques, B. Thomnpson, Christopher Birch, Orville, W. Smith, P. Morrison, Ricky Ducent Copyright: Emi Music Publishing Ltd., Livingsting Music Lyrics powered by
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#2 by belinda 15/03/2007 at 22:12:59
perfect!!!! that all what I want to say .
#1 by amal 24/01/2007 at 16:48:31
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