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Get It Poppin (avec Tyra Bolling) lyrics by Soulja Boy
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Get It Poppin (avec Tyra Bolling) Soulja Boy lyrics sheet
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music Soulja Boy - Get It Poppin (avec Tyra Bolling) video Get It Poppin (avec Tyra Bolling) - Soulja Boy song lyrics
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lyrics {Get It Poppin (avec Tyra Bolling)}

[Chorus:] [tyra B.]
We can get it poppin til da club close down tonight
We can get poppin poppin
We can get it poppin
We can keep it rockin till the club close down tonight
We can get poppin poppin
Get it poppin

[Verse 1:] [Tyra B.]
He was looking at me like we met somewhere before
It was late and I spotted him standing by the door
He was checking for me like my style and asked me for my name
I said I might let you rock with me if you keep up the pace

[Pre-Chorus:][Tyra B.]
Take you to my candy store and get anything you want
It don't matter let you have it
If you take it the floor (ohh)


[Verse 2:][Tyra B.]
Dancing all up on me with his hands up on my waist
Whispering softly to me kissing on my face
I'm melting like the summer time
He knows just what to say
Hoping he ain't got no where to go
I'm a make him stay with me


I wanna run to ya
I wanna get ta know ya
Ain't gotta leave stay with me till the night is ova
We'll make our own party and we can get it started
Do wat ya like everytime we can put this thing in ova time

[Rap: Soulja Boy]
Soulja boy tellem
Soulja boy stepped on the scene
I'm fresh (ohh)
Watch me rock
I'm super fresh in dis party now I got dem hittin dat money game rock
Like yuuuahh walk up in da party like doo it crank it up let's get
Tooo itt walk up on da scene like do it do it do it do it (oh)
She can't get ova me she like da way my shoulder lean
She dig da way dat I own da team
She like da way I make her scream like (ahh)

[Chorus x2]
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