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Traduction de Back - Linkin Park
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Back Linkin Park lyrics translation sheet
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Linkin Park - Back lyrics Back - Linkin Park French translation
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lyrics {Back}

Move Over Bacon There's Somethin Meatier
A Natural Born Lover With Love to Give Free to Ya
Meatier, So All You Bacon Lovers Move Over
Cause I'm So Smooth They Should Call Me Blackanova
I'm Not Tryin to Say That I'm Number One
I'm Just a Smooth Operator That Gets the Job Done
So, Let Me Lick You From Head to Toe
Realllllllll Slowwwwwwwww
Cause Ever Since I Was Young I Could Keep Girls Sprung
Just By the Movement of My Tongue
I Remember It All Started Way Back
In Ummm... Kindergarten!!
Some Played With Lego's, Some Played With Play-doh
But I Was Feelin Girls Like a Ripe Tomato
And Now It's 1990 and You Can Find Me As I Dunk
Lockin Up Girls Like I Want
Yes I Got a Harem, But I Don't Share Em
I Collect em Like Padium and Mmm, You Gotta See Em
Because the Ladies Is All I Dream Of
And Not Even Anita Baker Can Give Sweeter Love
You Know Why?
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