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Traduction de I'm Goin To - Linkin Park
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I'm Goin To Linkin Park lyrics translation sheet
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Linkin Park - I'm Goin To lyrics I'm Goin To - Linkin Park French translation
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lyrics {I'm Goin To}

I'm going to
Nowhere to go.
I have been everywhere possible.
To the depths of the earth
Still nowhere i belong
No one wants me
I'm going to stand up to my fear
(in here)
I have no fear
No boundaries against the world

I'm going to stand
I'm going to go
I'm to do everything impossible
I'm going to go pass my limit
I'm never going to be in too deep
I'm going to break the laws of science

Still nowhere to go
Looked in every corner of the universe
Nothing in the purse of shelter
Always wanted to be wanted
If i could change i would
But i'm going to stand and grit my teeth
And bear it

(repeat chorus)

Still nowhere
I'm going
Still nowhere
I'm going to
Still nowhere
I'm going to pass
Still nowhere
I'm going to pass my limit
I'm going to pass my limit
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