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Traduction de My Kingdom Come - Megadeth
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My Kingdom Come Megadeth lyrics translation sheet
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Megadeth - My Kingdom Come lyrics My Kingdom Come - Megadeth French translation
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Official lyrics {My Kingdom Come}

The flag that I once planted as a king I abandoned
And now I reclaim this banner by God my sword and my name
In a truce sealed by blood within this metal skin and all
that I own
Blood, bone, and courage in my veins and the heart that
pumps it

Drink from the chalice and be reborn
And the land with me, it will change and transform

A fighting man sworn to the quest it is the doom of man that
they forget
I have awoken the dragon and all around me the mist of his
Good and evil, there never is one without the other, his
Always there where I least expect it, it will burn me to

The futures taken root in the present sun
Don't look into my heart, least of all your own

No man who is false can win in combat against the truth
When he lies he murders some part of the world, we must find
what was lost
Hearth and home, wife and child were not for me, I was not
yet done
I never knew how empty my soul was until it was refilled

Mad distemper strikes both beggars and Kings
The Necromancer's hard teachings of war and quest

I am given the right to bear arms and power to meet justice

I have lived through others for far too long,
And carried my guilt, my causes, my sins
I hope in the hereafter when I owe no more to the future
That I can be just a man
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    Writer(s): Dave Mustaine Copyright: Mustaine Music Lyrics powered by
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