Red Hot Chili Peppers Traduction de Tell Me Baby translation
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Red Hot Chili Peppers Tell Me Baby translation

Red Hot Chili Peppers Tell Me Baby translation

Tell Me Baby Red Hot Chili Peppers translation sheet
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Tell Me Baby music video Tell Me Baby - Red Hot Chili Peppers translation
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{Tell Me Baby}

They come from every state to find
Some dreams were meant to be declined
Tell the man what did you have in mind
What have you come to do

No turning water into wine
No learning while you're in the line
I'll take you to the broken sign
You see the lights are blue

Come and get it
Lost it at the city limit
Say goodbye
Cause they will find a way to trim it
Lookin' for a silly gimmick
Gotta get away
Can't take it for another minute

This town is made of many things
Just look at what the current brings
So high it's only promising
This place was made on you

Tell me baby what's your story
Where you come from
And where you wanna go this time
Tell me lover are you lonely
The thing we need is
Never all that hard to find
Tell me baby what's your story
Where do you come from
And where you wanna go this time
Your so lovely are you lonely
Giving up on the innocence you left behind

Some claim to have the fortitude
To shrewd to blow the interlude
Sustaining pain to set a mood
Step out to be renewed

I'll move you like a baritone
Jungle brothers on the microphone
Getting over with an undertone
It's time to turn to stone

Chitty chitty baby
When your nose is in the nitty gritty
Life could be a little sweet
But life could be a little shitty
What a pity
Boston and a kansas city
Looking for a hundred
But you only ever found a fitty

Three fingers in the honeycomb
You ring just like a xylophone
Devoted to the chromosome
The day that you left home
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{Dis-moi bébé}

Ils viennent de tous les états pour trouver
Quelques rêves qui étaient refusés
Disant à l'homme ce que tu avais en tête
Ce que tu es venu faire

Ne change pas l'eau en vin
N'apprends pas pas pendant que tu es en ligne
Je t'emmenerai au panneau brisé
Tu aperçois les lumières bleues

Raconte-moi ton histoire bébé
Dis-moi d'où tu viens
Et où tu veux aller maintenant
Dis moi ma chérie es-tu seule
La chose dont nous avons besoin
N'est jamais dure à trouver
Tu es si belle es-tu seule
Abandonnant l'innocence que tu as laissée

Je te bougerai comme un baryton
Une jungle de frères au micro
Venant à bout à mi-voix
Il est temps de se tourner vers la pierre

Trois doigts dans le rayon de miel
Tu sonnes juste comme un xylophone
Dévoué au chromosome
Le jour où tu dois quitter la maison

{Traduction fournie par mamannn}

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Translation added by mamannn
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