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I'll Still Kill (feat Akon) lyrics par 50 Cent
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clip 50 Cent - I'll Still Kill (feat Akon) video parole I'll Still Kill (feat Akon) - 50 Cent lyrics
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[Chorus (Akon):]
Don't even look at me wrong when I come through the 'hood
Ain't nothin' changed, i like my homies (oh)
And when I hit the block I still, will kill!
you see i don't want, nigga but I will if I got to, kill!
If niggas get to fuckin' around

[Verse 1: 50 Cent]
Respect come from admiration or fear
You can admire me or you can catch one in your wig
You see the Testarossa, the toasters right on my lap
So if a nigga get outta line, a nigga get clapped
I got an arsenal of infiltry, I'm built for this mentally
That's why I'm the general, I do what they pretend to do
Front on me now nigga I will be the end of you
Forget your enemies and think of what your friends'll do
I drop a bag off, then let a mag off
The Hecklar Koch should tear half of your ass off
I'm not for the games, I'm not for all the playin'
The hollow tips rain, when I unleash the pain
Get the message from my lines or get the message from the .9's
Paint a picture with words, you can see when I shine
Put my back on the wall nigga, watch me go for mine
I let 21 shots off at the same time, yeah!

[Chorus (Akon)]

[Verse 2: 50 Cent]
Where I'm from death is always in the air homie
Nanna love me so you know she say my prayers for me
I come creepin' through the hood wearin' Teflon
Hit the corners motherfuckers get left on
Niggas know if not they better check my background
Try and stick me, I'll fill your back with mac rounds
Ask Preme nigga 50 don't back down
I kick it funky like fiends in a crack house
Cross the line boy I'm gonna air your ass out
Screw your face at me, I wanna know what thats 'bout
Nigga I know you ain't mad, I done came up
And if you are, fuck you 'cause I ain't changed up
The O.G's wanna talk but I don't know these niggas
And I ain't did no business with 'em, I don't owe these niggas
A minute of my time, get it 'cause I grind
All across the globe like the worlds mine

[Chorus (Akon)]

[Verse 3: Akon]
Now tell me have you ever looked up in the distance
And seen a mac aimin' at your head man
Before you know it, life is flashin', reminiscing and your body is drippin' and full of lead man
I done been there (uh huh),
I done cocked that (uh huh),
It ain't ever been a question about that
Don't go there, you'll get cocked at, and if you plan to fuck around and rewrite that
You'll never catch me ridin' around on these streets, without a couple meta pieces under my feet
Fully automatic weapons and know it was done deeds
Smash up under the carpet like a Tennessee breeze, but 50 don't make me ride on these niggas
'cause I will kill, dip and hide on these niggas, 50 don't make me ride on these niggas
'cause I been long gone like the ripper, so..

[Chorus (Akon)]
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