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I'll Whip Ya Head Boy (feat Young Buck) lyrics par 50 Cent
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Fiche de I'll Whip Ya Head Boy (feat Young Buck) 50 Cent lyrics
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clip 50 Cent - I'll Whip Ya Head Boy (feat Young Buck) video parole I'll Whip Ya Head Boy (feat Young Buck) - 50 Cent lyrics
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[50 Cent Chorus] x2 :
I'll Whip Your Head Boy, you know I will
I'll Whip Your Head Boy, with the back of the steal
I'll Whip Your Head Boy, your cap could get pealed
I'll Whip Your Head Boy, your ass could get killed

[50 Cent]
2 niggaz in the front, 2 niggaz in the back
Thats 4 niggaz ridin' strapped in grandpa's Cadillac
The voice in my head say fuck all these niggaz
Then I start thinkin', I should rob all these niggaz
Man my homies then wan' do whateva I wan' do
I say I wan' eat they say shit we wan' eat to
Lets ride around find a nigga stuntin' on front street
With the shine's on niggaz be lookin' like lunch meat
I run up on a nigga, pop one on the floor
Tell um come up off that shit 'fore we start poppin' some more
Fuck a ski mask, man niggaz know who I iz
I got a full clip and niggaz know I get biz

[50 Cent Chorus] x2

[50 Cent]
I'm up early in the mornin', tryna make a movie
Come in here with me shorty take your lil' on the school
Even though she cause the drama, you love your baby momma
I hit her with the llama to get this cake
Give us the coke, the cash, the combo and the safe
But she don't know it, damn, ok we'll wait
I play with your kid on the couch, while your bitch on the phone
Put a gun to her head sayin' daddy come home
You was rollin' poppin' bubbly, didn't think it get ugly
In the hood shit is lovely until it go bad
Now you can pray for a miracle and God might be hearin' you
That the nine will jam right in my hand

[50 Cent Chorus] x2

[Young Buck]
I got, its homies screamin' Buck you need to calm down
Niggaz be gettin' killed everytime you come around
We ran up in his crib made his momma kiss the ground
She askin' God, what my baby dunn did now?
Im takin' everythang, jewellry I want it all
Duck tape him up, rip the phone cords out the wall
Fuck waitin' we can startin' waitin' on tomorrow
So ask Satan if he got a car that I can borrow
Im inpatient like a money hungry rap star
I jack him for his chain and I can get a new Jaguar
The mack I have his brains all over the fuckin' sidewalk
And I'ma be on CNN again it ain't my fault
March nigga steff, right nigga lef'
G-Unit soldier I'm thuggin' till my death

[50 Cent Chorus] x2
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