Outta Control lyrics de 50 Cent
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parole 50 Cent Outta Control paroles lyrics

Paroles 50 Cent Outta Control lyrics

Fiche de Outta Control 50 Cent lyrics
clip 50 Cent - Outta Control video parole Outta Control - 50 Cent lyrics
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[Intro - 50 Cent]

[Chorus 1 - 50 Cent] :
I guess you didn't know
I be back for more
Everybody's on the floor
Goin', goin' outta control

[Bridge - 50 Cent]
Set it off from your left dawg
Set it off from your right dawg
Set it off nigga I said set if off

[Verse 1]
Sick with it boy, better get wit it what
In the club, I get it goin' goin' uhh
Just move it to the music its on
To the sound of 50 and D-R-E
Everythings calculated in time percised
Never move another mill let's get right aight
Success is my drug of choice I'm high off life
Feelin' lucky enough to bet it all on the dice
Shorty do what you wanna do
Hit the dance floor, move how you wanna move
Later on, we can cruise if you wanna cruise
Its whatever you want, the fact is I got more than I flaunt

[Chorus 2 - 50 Cent] :
I did my thang in the club
Every chance I get, I tear it up
Dance floor, jam-packed
I got 'em goin', goin' outta control

[Bridge - 50 Cent]
Set it off from your left dawg
Set if off from your right dawg
Set it off nigga I said set it off

[Verse 2]
System thumpin', dance floor jumpin'
We thirty deep in this bitch, we stuntin'
Thats what you get, you in my hood
I thought you understood
You know me, VIP, no ID
Bottles in DP, I do it real BIG
Bitches break their necks to be where I be
Take 'em to ecstacy without ecstacy
I'm the chef, you need a hit, I got the recipe
Doc got the antedote and send the drugs in the nose
Can you feel it, Em said for me to make ya feel it
And remind you that you rockin' with the realest

[Chorus 2 - 50 Cent]

[Bridge - 50 Cent]
Set it off from your left dawg
Set it off from your right dawg
Set it off nigga I said set it off

[Verse 3]
I'm hot boy, I'm burnin' up
I do my thang in the club with the burner tounge
Till the speakers all blown we gon' turn it up
And do that damn thang, yeah do that mayn
Shorty, hit me high, then hit me low
Get to poppin' and shakin' that thang on the flo'
A little dose of it, now I want some more
No body put that thang on me like that before
I be a fiend for it, its the way you move
But I ain't payin' for it, cause I ain't no fool
If you okay with it, tonight I'll stay with it
Hit the telly, play wit it, in a major way get it

[Chorus 2 - 50 Cent]

[Bridge - 50 Cent]
Set if off from your left dawg
Set it off from your right dawg
Set it off nigga I said set it off
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