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paroles officielles ♪ Patiently Waiting (feat Eminem) ♪
Ay EM you know my favorite white boy right
I... I owe you for this one

I've been patiently waiting
For a track to explode on (yeah)
You can get stunned if you want
And yo ass'll get rolled on (it's 50)
It feels like my flow's

Been hot for so long (yeah)

If you thinkin' I'm a fuckin' fall off you're so wrong (it's
I've been pacing in my head
Like a baby born dead
Destination heaven
Sittin politic with passengers from 9-11
The Lords blessing left me lyrically incline
Shit I aint even got to try to shine
God's a seamstress who tailorfitted my pain
I got scriptures in my brain
I can spit at your dame
Straight out the good book
Look niggas is shook
50 fear no man warrior
Swing swords like Conan
Picture me pen in hand
Write lines knowin' The Source will quote it
When I die they'll read this
And say a genius wrote it
I grew up witout my pops
Should that make me bitter
I caught cases and cocked out
Does that make me a quitter
In this white man's world
I'm similar to a squirrel
Lookin' for a slut
Wit a nice but to get a nut

If I get shot today my phone will stop ringing again

These industry niggas ain't friends
They know how to pretend

You've been patiently waiting
To make it through all the hate

Debating whether or not
You can even weather the storm
As you lay on the table
They operating to save you
It's like an angel came to you

Sent from the heavens above
They think they crazy
But they ain't crazy lets face it

Shit basically they just playing sick
They ain't shit they ain't saying shit
Spray umh 50
A to the K get in the way
I bring Dre and them wit me
And turn this day into fucking mayhem
You staying wit me?
Don't let me lose you
I'm not trying to confuse you
When I let loose wit this Uzi
And just shoot through your Izuzu
You get the message
Am I getting through to you
You know it's coming
You motherfuckers don't even know do you
Take some BIG and some Pac
And you mix them up in a pot
Sprinkle a lil "BIG L" on top
What the fuck do you got?
You got the realest and illest killers
Tied up in a knot
The juggernauts of this rap shit
Like it or not it's like a fight to the top
Just to see who die for the spot
You put your life in this
Nothing like surviving a shot
Y'all know what time it is
Soon as 50 signs on this dot
Shit what you know about death threats
Cause I get a lot
Shady Records was 80 seconds
Away from the towers
Some cowards fucked with the wrong building
They meant to hit ours
Better evacuate all children

Nuclear showers there's nothing spookier
Your now about to witness the power of fuckin' 50
It's the Gun Squad here

And you hear the shots go off
(It's 50, They say It's 50)
You see a nigga laid out
Wit his fucking top blown off

(It's 50, Man that wasn't 50)

They don't holla my name
You shouldn't throw stones
If you live in a glass house
And if you got a glass jaw
You should watch your mouth
Cause I'll break your face

Have you ass runnin'
Mumbling to the J
Your going against me dogg
You makin' a mistake
I split yo lip
You lookin like them
Michael Jackson jackets
Wit all them zippers
I'm the boss on this boat
You can call me Skipper
The way I turn the money over
You should call me Flipper
Your bitch a regular bitch
Your callin' her wifey
I fucked her feed her fast food
You keepin' her Icee
I'm down to sell records
But not my soul
Snoop said this in '94
"We don't love them hoe's"
I got pennies for my thoughts
Now I'm rich
See the 20's spinnin'
Lookin mean on the 6
Nigga's wearin flags
'Cause the colors match they clothes
The get caught in the wrong hood
And filled up with holes
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