Piggy Bank lyrics de 50 Cent
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parole 50 Cent Piggy Bank paroles lyrics

Paroles 50 Cent Piggy Bank lyrics

Fiche de Piggy Bank 50 Cent lyrics
clip 50 Cent - Piggy Bank video parole Piggy Bank - 50 Cent lyrics
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[Chorus - 50 Cent] x2 :
Clickity clank clickity clank
The money goes into my piggy bank

[Bridge- 50 Cent]
I'll get atcha, my knife cuts ya skin
I'll get atcha, blow shots at ya man
I'll get atcha, Tupac don't pretend
I'll get atcha, I'll put that to an end

[Verse 1 - 50 Cent]
That shit is oh, don't be screamin' get at me dawg
Have you runnin' for ya life when I match ya boy
I get to wavin' that semi, like its legal
A lil nigga hurt his arm lettin' off that eagle
You know me, black on black bentley, big ol' black nine
I'll clap your monkey ass, get black on black crime
Big ol' chrome rims, clean you know why I shine
C'mon man, you know how I shine
I'm in the hood, in the drop, Teflon vinyl top
Got a hundred guns, a hundred clips, why I don't hear no shots
That fat nigga thought Lean Back was "In Da Club"
My shit sold 11 mill, his shit was a dud
Jada don't fuck with me if you wanna eat
Cause I'll do your lil ass like Jay did Mobb Deep
Yeah homie, in New York, niggas like your vocals
But that song in New York, dawg your ass is local

[Chorus - 50 Cent] x2

[Bridge - 50 Cent]
Yeah yeah, get more money, more money
Yeah yeah yeah, get more money, more money x3

[Verse 2 - 50 Cent]
Banks shit sells, Buck shit sells, Game shit sells
I'm rich as hell, Shyne poppin' off his mouth from a cell
He don't want it with me, he in PC
I can have a nigga run up on him with a shank
For just a few pennies out my piggy bank
Yayo, bring the condoms, I'm in room 203
Freak bitch look like Kim before the surgeory
Its an emergency, a Michael Jackson see
Looked at a picture and said she looks like me
Kelis said her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
Then Nas went and tattooed the bitch on his arm
I mean that way out in Cali, niggas know these guns
First thing they say about you, is you a sucker for love
This is chess, not checkers, these are warning shots
After your next move I'll give you what I got

[Chorus - 50 Cent] x2

[Bridge - 50 Cent]
Yeah yeah, get more money, more money
Yeah yeah yeah, get more money, more money x3

[Bridge - 50 Cent]
I'll get atcha, I'll punch out your grill
I'll get atcha, let off that blue steal
I'll get atcha, nigga I'm for real
I'll get atcha, you'll get your ass killed

[Outro - 50 Cent]
Ya'll niggas gotta do somethin' now man
All that shoot 'em up shit ya'll be talkin'
You gotta do somethin' baby
I mean, I mean c'mon man everybody's listenin'
nigga everybody's listenin'
I know you ain't gon' just let 50 do you like that
I mean damn rep your hood nigga
nigga you hard right?
Pop off
Yayo get mobs niggas on the phone
And tell the niggas I said grip up
niggas got a green light on these monkies
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4 réactions pour 50 Cent - Piggy Bank paroles

#4 par herve 23/08/2007 à 03:15:20
#3 par madior 07/06/2007 à 09:31:56
en écoutant ce chanson on sens que 50 est le meilleur au monde
#2 par rabitt 06/11/2005 à 12:36:06
cette chanson tue
#1 par jullios 30/08/2005 à 16:00:43
a travers cette chanson j'ai decouver que 50cent est le meilleur

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