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When It Rains It Pours lyrics par 50 Cent
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Fiche de When It Rains It Pours 50 Cent lyrics
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clip 50 Cent - When It Rains It Pours video parole When It Rains It Pours - 50 Cent lyrics
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Its 50
One shot, One kill, What's the deal?
Yeah, what's the deal?

[Chorus] :
Lil' homie, when it rains it pours
Hollow Tips and Talons, when it rains it pours
You caught in lead showers, just because
Niggaz aint playin', when it rains it pours
Niggaz get set up, cuz when it rains it pours
End up wed up, cuz when it rains it pours
It usually, goes down over money and whores
But lil' homie, in my hood, when it rains it pours

Aint nutin changed, niggaz doin the same old shit
Them new Hollow tips and them same old clips
In the projects niggaz fuck with the same old chicks
And somehow they still think there game so sick
Now i'm finna rip, niggaz know i'm about my grip
I dont trick man i barely even feed a bitch
She say im stingy, i said i dont need you bitch
Go ahead leave, see if i chase you, shiit
Tell your mami, i catch her on the street i'ma get her
She know i'm on parole, why she call police on a nigga
She jus' mad, cuz a nigga pockets all swoll'
When she asked to borrow sumthin', i said hell naw
I was tellin' the lil' homies all about this shit
So keep your mind on your money and dont trus no bitch
Keep your head high notes when them pigs came
But her ass kinda fat so niggaz treat her the same
This is real..


It was blood stains on my stoop when ??Eyeball?? got shot
When homicide outside, nigga i'm not
Its the third time niggaz dunn circled the block
Its money out now, yeah, but damn its hot
They love to catch a nigga on a direct sale
They say tell us who caught the body or you goin' to jail
Look if you know the drill you stay the fuck outta dodge
Say what's happenin' to the captain and what's up to the searg'
Fuck bein' in a cage man that shit for the birds
Charlie drunk drinkin' While Irish Row's on the curb
I know a spot fulla niggaz tryna get a few bucks
Hopin' then nutin' come out they gon' have um some luck
PH to the deuce, they stumbled off Matt
Lost his re-up money man that's all he had
Magazine from the store so he can look at the cars
And do pull-ups in the park on the monkey bars
Man it's fucked..


[Gunshots, Sirens, Choppers, Rain, Thunder]
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3 réactions pour 50 Cent - When It Rains It Pours paroles
#3 par lloyd banks2504 12/05/2007 à 14:55:17
cte zik elle dechir troo
#2 par fanou 28/04/2007 à 23:53:22
Superbe chanson, qui moi aussi me rappelle la tristesse
#1 par Watichaman 17/04/2006 à 17:24:34
cette chanson est magfique!après avoir vu le film écoutez cette
chanson elle vous rappellera beaucoup de chose,en particulier (pour ma
part) la tristesse et la rage de vaincre de 50 cent lorsqu'il chante
cette chanson!merci paroles-musique !
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