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No Baloney Homosapiens lyrics par Alice Cooper
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Fiche de No Baloney Homosapiens Alice Cooper lyrics
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Hey you out there in outer space
You're lookin' at some style and grace
The blood and gutty human race
Well, come on down here to meet us

And all you sightings up there in the sky
Feel free to drop in anytime
Anytime you're just kinda passin' by
And you get the urge that you want to see us

Oh, we're fun and games
Just guys and just dames
But don't call us names
And most of all, please don't eat us

'Cause we're no baloney, homosapiens
We ain't phoney
Oh we're no baloney homsapiens

Listen, just 'cause you got
More ears than eyes
That just gives you more places to cry
And acutely hear all the moans and sighs
Of the relatives of the people
You disintegrated

And don't you say we're easy prey
'Cause buddy, that's the day
Your underestimation will defeat you
But don't worry, we're civilized
And we won't eat you

'Cause we're no baloney, we're homosapiens
We ain't no phoney
Yeah, we're no baloney homosapiens

We're black and white
You're green and blue
Well, we're all right, so are you... I think
My blood's thick red
You bleed black glue
So, let's not bleed at all
Is that all right with you

Yes, we're no baloney, we're homosapiens
We're not phoney
Yeah, we're no baloney homosapiens

Yes, we're no baloney, homosapiens
Take it back with ya
We're no baloney homosapiens
No baloney, homosapiens
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