Nuclear Infected lyrics de Alice Cooper
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parole Alice Cooper Nuclear Infected paroles lyrics

Paroles Alice Cooper Nuclear Infected lyrics

Fiche de Nuclear Infected Alice Cooper lyrics
clip Alice Cooper - Nuclear Infected video parole Nuclear Infected - Alice Cooper lyrics
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I'm nuclear infected
I really don't mind
I just go out when the sun goes down
And have a real good time.

I can clear out any ballgame
In a minute and a half
Just show up - glow up
And have a real good laugh

When I'm happy I glow yellow
When I'm sad I glow blue
And I glow red hot when I'm in bed with you

I'm nuclear infected
Really ain't that bad
In fact it's about the best time
I guess I ever had

I'm nuclear infected
Looking for a mate
So slip on something lead, babe
And go out on a date

When I'm happy I glow yellow
When I'm sad I glow blue, yeah
And I glow red hot when I'm in bed with you

Nuclear infected....... don't make me angry
Nuclear infected....... don't make shake
Nuclear infected....... don't get me to sneeze
Nuclear infected....... that's a big mistake

I want to live on Three Mile Island
Where things are clean and neat
'Cause we don't have no health freaks
Clutterin' up our streets
I'm nuclear infected, I need something to eat
A China Syndrome Salad with plutonium and cheese.

When I'm happy I glow yellow
When I'm sad I glow blue
And I glow red hot when I'm in bed with you
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