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I Finally Found Someone (feat. Bryan Adams) trad 15
Papa, Can You Hear Me? trad 8
Memory trad 7
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? trad 5
Woman In Love trad 4
No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (feat. Donna Summer) trad 3
A Piece Of Sky trad 3
Cry Me a River (B. Streisand) trad 2
Christmas Mem'ries (B. Streisand) trad 2
Everything (B. Streisand) trad 2
Avinu Malkeinu (B. Streisand) trad 2
The Summer Knows trad 2
Some Good Things Never Last trad 1
As Time Goes By trad 1
Who Will Buy? trad 1
Le Mur (B. Streisand) -- 1
I've Got a Crush On You (feat. Frank Sinatra) trad 1
Get Happy / Happy Days Are Here Again (feat. Judy Garland) trad 1
Bewitched (Bothered And Bewildered) trad 1
You Don't Bring Me Flowers (feat. Neil Diamond) trad 1
Honey Can I Put On Your Clothes trad 1
I Believe In Love trad 1
After The Rain (B. Streisand) trad 1
Superman (B. Streisand) trad 1
Hello, Dolly! trad 1
All I Know Of Love (feat. Josh Groban) trad 1
Hello, Dolly! Finale trad 1
Summer Me, Winter Me trad 1
I'll Tell The Man In The Street trad 1
Smile (B. Streisand) trad 1
I Don't Know Where I Stand trad 1
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) trad 0
White Christmas (B. Streisand) trad 0
My Favorite Things (feat. From The Sound Of Music) trad 0
O Little Town Of Bethlehem trad 0
The Best Gift trad 0
Mother (B. Streisand) trad 0
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (B. Streisand) trad 0
I Mean To Shine trad 0
Jingle Bells (B. Streisand) trad 0
He Touched Me trad 0
Hands Off The Man (Flim Flam Man) trad 0
Folk Monologue / Value trad 0
Marty The Martian trad 0
Natural Sounds trad 0
Happy Days Are Here Again trad 0
Sleep In Heavenly Peace (Silent Night) trad 0
You've Got a Friend (B. Streisand) trad 0
I Wonder As I Wander trad 0
The Nearness Of You (B. Streisand) trad 0
Autumn Leaves trad 0
Space Captain (B. Streisand) trad 0
Free Again trad 0
What Now My Love trad 0
Ma Premiere Chanson -- 0
I Wish You Love (B. Streisand) trad 0
I Never Meant To Hurt You (B. Streisand) trad 0
Clopin Clopant trad 0
Stout-Hearted Men trad 0
The Boy Next Door trad 0
Make The Man Love Me trad 0
When Sunny Gets Blue trad 0
Love Is Like a New Born Child trad 0
Lover Man trad 0
Since I Fell For You trad 0
All The Things You Are trad 0
I'll Know (feat. From Guys And Dolls) trad 0
More Than You Know trad 0
My Funny Valentine (B. Streisand) trad 0
I Can See It trad 0
Put On Your Sunday Clothes trad 0
Maybe (B. Streisand) trad 0
It Takes a Woman trad 0
Time And Love (B. Streisand) trad 0
Ribbons Down My Back trad 0
Elegance trad 0
Before The Parade Passes By trad 0
Dancing trad 0
Just Leave Everything To Me - Prologue - Call On Dolly trad 0
Overture (B. Streisand) trad 0
I'll Be Home trad 0
Hurry, It's Lovely Up Here trad 0
Melinda trad 0
Free The People (B. Streisand) trad 0
Go To Sleep (B. Streisand) trad 0
On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever) trad 0
What Did I Have That I Don't Have? trad 0
He Isn't You (B. Streisand) trad 0
Love Is Only Love trad 0
No Easy Way Down (B. Streisand) trad 0
Little Tin Soldier trad 0
That's a Fine Kind O' Freedom trad 0
Until It's Time For You To Go trad 0
With a Little Help From My Friends (B. Streisand) trad 0
Alfie (B. Streisand) trad 0
Love With All The Trimmings trad 0
Goodnight (B. Streisand) trad 0
The Morning After trad 0
Punky's Dilemma trad 0
Honey Pie (B. Streisand) trad 0
So Long Dearie trad 0
It Only Takes a Moment trad 0
Stoney End (B. Streisand) trad 0
Let Me Go (B. Streisand) trad 0
What About Today? trad 0
Ask Yourself Why trad 0
Just a Little Lovin' (Early In The Mornin') trad 0
If You Could Read My Mind trad 0
The Minute Waltz (B. Streisand) trad 0
It Had To Be You (B. Streisand) trad 0
Draw Me a Circle trad 0
Never Will I Merry trad 0
Taking a Chance On Love trad 0
Make Believe (B. Streisand) trad 0
I Had Myself a True Love trad 0
When The Sun Comes Out trad 0
Down With Love trad 0
Right As The Rain trad 0
Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home trad 0
Just In Time (B. Streisand) trad 0
My Melancholy Baby trad 0
Henry Street trad 0
I Want To Be Seen With You Tonight trad 0
His Love Makes Me Beautiful trad 0
Who Taught Her Everything? trad 0
You Are Woman trad 0
Sadie, Sadie trad 0
The Music That Makes Me Dance trad 0
Who Are You Now? trad 0
Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat (B. Streisand) trad 0
Find Yourself a Man trad 0
Gotta Move trad 0
My Coloring Book trad 0
One Big Union For Two trad 0
Doing The Reactionary trad 0
Sing Me a Song With Social Significance trad 0
A Sleepin' Bee trad 0
Nobody Makes a Pass At Me trad 0
Not Cricket To Picket trad 0
What Good Is Love? trad 0
Four Little Angels Of Peace trad 0
Status Quo trad 0
Back To Work trad 0
Come To The Supermarket (In Old Peking) trad 0
Much More trad 0
Like a Straw In The Wind trad 0
I Stayed Too Long At The Fair trad 0
Lover, Come Back To Me trad 0
I Don't Care Much trad 0
My Honey's Loving Arms trad 0
A Taste Of Honey (B. Streisand) trad 0
Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now trad 0
Soon It's Gonna Rain trad 0
Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf trad 0
Cornet Man trad 0
I'm The Greatest Star trad 0
Quiet Night (B. Streisand) trad 0
The Shadow Of Your Smile (B. Streisand) trad 0
Starting Here, Starting Now (B. Streisand) trad 0
Where Am I Going? (feat. From Sweet Charity) trad 0
I Got Plenty Of Nothin' (B. Streisand) trad 0
How Much Of The Dream Comes True? trad 0
No More Songs For Me trad 0
Where's That Rainbow trad 0
All That I Want (B. Streisand) trad 0
The Kind Of Man a Woman Needs trad 0
C'est Si Bon (It's So Good) (B. Streisand) trad 0
Medley (B. Streisand) trad 0
I've Been Here trad 0
Martina trad 0
Once Upon a Summertime (B. Streisand) trad 0
Love And Learn (B. Streisand) trad 0
Yesterdays trad 0
One Kiss (B. Streisand) trad 0
Where Or When (B. Streisand) trad 0
Non C'est Rien (B. Streisand) -- 0
Gotta Move (B. Streisand) trad 0
Where You Lead (B. Streisand) trad 0
My Name Is Barbra trad 0
A Kid Again / I'm Five trad 0
How Does The Wine Taste? trad 0
Will He Like Me? trad 0
Supper Time trad 0
Fine And Dandy trad 0
I'm All Smiles trad 0
Autumn (B. Streisand) trad 0
If a Girl Isn't Pretty trad 0
Don't Like Goodbyes trad 0
Love Is a Bore trad 0
My Lord And Master trad 0
When In Rome (I Do As The Romans Do) trad 0
Absent Minded Me trad 0
Where Is The Wonder? trad 0
Sweet Zoo trad 0
My Pa trad 0
Jenny Rebecca trad 0
Someone To Watch Over Me (B. Streisand) trad 0
I've Got No Strings (B. Streisand) trad 0
My Man (B. Streisand) trad 0
Why Did I Choose You? trad 0
If You Were The Only Boy In The World (B. Streisand) trad 0
Speak To Me Of Love (B. Streisand) trad 0
Glad To Be Unhappy trad 0
At The Same Time (B. Streisand) trad 0
Higher Ground (B. Streisand) trad 0
I Believe / You'll Never Walk Alone (B. Streisand) trad 0
The Music That Makes Me Dance (B. Streisand) trad 0
On Holy Ground (B. Streisand) trad 0
If I Could (B. Streisand) trad 0
Lessons To Be Learned (B. Streisand) trad 0
Leading With Your Heart (B. Streisand) trad 0
The Water Is Wide / Deep River (B. Streisand) trad 0
Circle (B. Streisand) trad 0
Wait (B. Streisand) trad 0
If I Didn't Love You (B. Streisand) trad 0
The Island trad 0
Isn't It a Pity? trad 0
I've Dreamed Of You trad 0
One God (B. Streisand) trad 0
Love Like Ours trad 0
We Must Be Loving Right trad 0
Just One Lifetime trad 0
It Must Be You trad 0
If I Never Met You trad 0
Everything Must Change (B. Streisand) trad 0
The Places You Find Love trad 0
Not While I'm Around trad 0
Something's Coming trad 0
The End Credits trad 0
The Final trad 0
Being Alive trad 0
Adelaide's Lament trad 0
Time Machine (B. Streisand) trad 0
Emotion (B. Streisand) trad 0
Can't Help Lovin' That Man trad 0
Send In The Clowns trad 0
The Hospital trad 0
The Bar trad 0
You And Me For Always trad 0
All I Ask Of You trad 0
Love Light trad 0
On My Way To You trad 0
Why Let It Go? trad 0
Two People trad 0
The Apartment trad 0
One More Time Around trad 0
What Were We Thinking Of trad 0
Closer (B. Streisand) trad 0
Ave Maria (B. Streisand) trad 0
Emily (B. Streisand) trad 0
Wild Is The Wind trad 0
I'm In The Mood For Love (B. Streisand) trad 0
Moon River (B. Streisand) trad 0
More In Love With You (B. Streisand) trad 0
How Do You Keep The Music Playing? trad 0
Goodbye For Now (B. Streisand) trad 0
The Second Time Around (B. Streisand) trad 0
Calling You (B. Streisand) trad 0
But Beautiful (B. Streisand) trad 0
Letting Go (B. Streisand) trad 0
(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away trad 0
It's Up To You (B. Streisand) trad 0
Hideaway (B. Streisand) trad 0
Stranger In a Strange Land (B. Streisand) trad 0
Come Tomorrow (feat. Barry Gibb) trad 0
Night Of My Life (B. Streisand) trad 0
Above The Law (feat. Barry Gibb) trad 0
Golden Dawn trad 0
All The Children trad 0
Without Your Love (B. Streisand) trad 0
You're Gonna Hear From Me (B. Streisand) trad 0
I Won't Be The One To Let Go (feat. Barry Manilow) trad 0
What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? trad 0
A Christmas Love Song (B. Streisand) trad 0
I'll Be Home For Christmas (B. Streisand) trad 0
Ding-Dong ! The Witch Is Dead ! (feat. Harold Arlen) trad 0
I Remember (B. Streisand) trad 0
Snowbound (B. Streisand) trad 0
Grown-Up Christmas List (B. Streisand) trad 0
Christmas Lullaby (B. Streisand) trad 0
It Must Have Been The Mistletoe (B. Streisand) trad 0
The Music Of The Night (feat. Michael Crawford) trad 0
If You Ever Leave Me (feat. Vince Gill) trad 0
What Kind Of Fool (feat. Barry Gibb) trad 0
Tell Him (feat. Céline Dion) trad 0
Cryin' Time (feat. Ray Charles) trad 0
Guilty (feat. Barry Gibb) trad 0
I Have a Love / One Hand, One Heart (feat. Johnny Mathis) trad 0
One Less Bell To Answer / a House Is Not a Home trad 0
Make No Mistake, He's Mine (feat. Kim Carnes) trad 0
Till I Loved You (feat. Don Johnson) trad 0
Lost Inside Of You (feat. Kris Kristofferson) trad 0
Best I Could (B. Streisand) trad 0
Left In The Dark (B. Streisand) trad 0
A Child Is Born trad 0
Moanin' Low trad 0
You & I trad 0
Letters That Cross In The Mail trad 0
Widescreen trad 0
Love In The Afternoon trad 0
Jubilation trad 0
I Won't Last a Day Without You trad 0
Grandma's Hands trad 0
Guava Jelly trad 0
I Never Had It So Good trad 0
Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over) trad 0
Hellacious Acres trad 0
Queen Bee trad 0
Watch Closely Now trad 0
Lullaby For Myself trad 0
The Woman In The Moon trad 0
Crippled Crow trad 0
By The Way (B. Streisand) trad 0
My Father's Song trad 0
Lazy Afternoon trad 0
Simple Man trad 0
Life On Mars trad 0
Monologue trad 0
Don't Rain On My Parade (B. Streisand) trad 0
Second Hand Rose trad 0
People trad 0
By Myself (B. Streisand) trad 0
The Sweetest Sounds trad 0
Beautiful (B. Streisand) trad 0
Come Back To Me (B. Streisand) trad 0
I Never Has Seen Snow trad 0
Johnny One Note / One Note Samba trad 0
I Got Rhythm trad 0
Something So Right trad 0
Being At War With Each Other trad 0
Let The Good Times Roll trad 0
Since I Don't Have You trad 0
The Best Thing You've Ever Done trad 0
All In Love Is Fair (B. Streisand) trad 0
Piano Practicing trad 0
I've Never Been a Woman Before trad 0
Pieces Of Dreams trad 0
Love Comes From Unexpected Places trad 0
Cabin Fever (B. Streisand) trad 0
Comin' In And Out Of Your Life trad 0
New York State Of Mind trad 0
My Heart Belongs To Me trad 0
No Matter What Happens trad 0
Evergreen (B. Streisand) trad 0
The Love Inside trad 0
Life Story trad 0
Promises (B. Streisand) trad 0
Run Wild trad 0
The Way We Were (B. Streisand) trad 0
Will Someone Ever Look At Me That Way? trad 0
Tomorrow Night trad 0
Clear Sailing (B. Streisand) trad 0
You're a Step In The Right Direction (B. Streisand) trad 0
When I Dream (B. Streisand) trad 0
Heart Don't Change My Mind (B. Streisand) trad 0
Here We Are At Last (B. Streisand) trad 0
Where Is It Written? trad 0
The Way He Makes Me Feel trad 0
No Wonder trad 0
This Is One Of Those Moments trad 0
Never Give Up (B. Streisand) trad 0
Make It Like a Memory trad 0
Deep In The Night trad 0
Stay Away (B. Streisand) trad 0
One More Night (B. Streisand) trad 0
Love Breakdown trad 0
Songbird trad 0
Don't Believe What You Read (B. Streisand) trad 0
Answer Me (B. Streisand) trad 0
I Found You Love (B. Streisand) trad 0
Baby Me Baby (B. Streisand) trad 0
I Don't Break Easily trad 0
A Man I Loved trad 0
On Rainy Afternoons trad 0
Splish Splash trad 0
Come Rain Or Come Shine trad 0
Wet (B. Streisand) trad 0
Niagara (B. Streisand) trad 0
I Ain't Gonna Cry Tonight trad 0
Tomorrow (B. Streisand) trad 0
The Main Event trad 0
Kiss Me In The Rain trad 0
Love (B. Streisand) trad 0
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