Lala Song lyrics de Bob Sinclar
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parole Bob Sinclar Lala Song paroles lyrics

Paroles Bob Sinclar Lala Song lyrics

Fiche de Lala Song Bob Sinclar lyrics
clip Bob Sinclar - Lala Song video parole Lala Song - Bob Sinclar lyrics
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Oh Yeah!
What's up world?
It's Master Gee y’all!
Sugar Hill Gang, Wonder Mike, Hen Deggity
And we’re here with the man Bob Sinclar
(one, two, one, two, three, get it!)
Let's do it, C'mon!

Lalalala lalala lalala
Lalalala lalala lalalala lalala lala
C’mon Hen you don’t let it stick it down!

[Master Gee]
Back, back, back in the day
When the Djs spoiled on night
While the parties fun the mc's come
To rock and bless the mic
No need to worry, no need to hurry
Them grooves are just for you
People popping and longing, breaking and rocking
Everybody knows, it ain't no stopping
C’mon y’all get on the floor
We gonna take you back, make you beg for more
Ain't no party like an Old School party
Gonna Old School party non-stop
So Dj cut my favorite drug and let me rock the mic
Now throw your hands up in the air
Everybody say "Oh Yeah!"

Lalalala lalala lalala
(Yeah! Just do it! Do it! Do it!)
Lalalala lalala lalalala lalala lala

[Wonder Mike]
Yes, yes y’all!
It's Wonder Mike and I like to rock the house!
I'ma work that body, work that party
And babe just twirk me down
With the hippie that hop hop, you don't dare stop
Let me see that body rock
Put your upper jack hat to the side
Let me hear you say "Alright" !
The groove’s so funky furious
Still make you get so serious
When the people hear enough
They start to go delirious
Work it, let's work it, let's work it
Work it, work it
Let somebody, anybody, everybody scream!

Lalalala lalala lalala
(Yeah! Just do it! Do it! Do it!)
Lalalala lalala lalalala lalala lala
(Aight! Now somebody, anybody, everybody sing)
Lalalala lalala lalala
(Yeah! Wave your hands from side to side)
Lalalala lalala lalalala lalala lala
(It’s on and on and on and on)
(I like that! C’mon!)

One, two, three, four
Was the honored word to the Master Gee Show
Once upon a time not long ago
When there was no rap stars on TV shows
No movie deal, commercials ...
In Em Day when you took up the heart
You did it sec for the money and first for the hardback
And you had to be a true believer
Every heart on had the disco fever
Dj Flesh in Hollywood, made it happen in the streets of Manhattan
Grouping queens and long rolling sound and we’ll ...
The song is dedicated to the fact that you got to recognize ...

Lalalala lalala lalala
(Yeah! Just do it! Do it! Do it!)
Lalalala lalala lalalalala lalala lala
(Aight dough! C’mon! Now somebody, anybody, everybody sing!)
Lalalala lalala lalala
(Yeah! Just do it! Do it! Do it!)
(Rock that body! Move that Body! Move that Body! C'mon!)
Lalalala lalala lalalala lalala lala
(It's on and and on and on and on!)
(I like that! C’mon Hen you don’t let it stick it down!)
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