Dis Raps for Hire - EP. 6: James lyrics Epiclloyd parole
Fiche de Dis Raps for Hire - EP. 6: James Epiclloyd
parole Dis Raps for Hire - EP. 6: James - Epiclloyd lyrics
paroles officielles ♪ Dis Raps for Hire - EP. 6: James ♪
I grind Brit dead beats to dead meat for pissin' around!
It's Mr. Lloyd, chap, and that's my friggin' background!
ALAS! You lazy shit! Now you've gone and inspired
The sixth chapter of Dis Raps for Hire!
I'm here to diss the fuck out leech punks 'cause they bloody
suck! (Yup!)
You wanna free-load? Then you can latch onto my nuts!
How do you live with yourself, Jim? Oh yeah, you don't
'cause you're broke! (Nope!)
And you sap rent, taxes and bills from your bro! (Ooh!)
Well, it's over now! EpicLLOYD's of London come to town!
Listen to your brother: Simon says, "Get the fuck up!"
I'll flame James, shame James, shady brother, gane James!
I'll defame James, maim James; this is lame, James!
Calls himself Jim 'cause he's too lazy for James! (James!)
Not working the bank, but you need to make some change, man!
Crashing on couches, no job seekers' allowance.
You coward! Go out and earn some of your own cash to play
around with!
I'm not on massive wages, but I'll give you some massive
The worst part about it, for Simon, is that you're his twin!
Holy shit, man! Where to begin?
You even leeched his goddamn DNA off of him!
But it's okay; you must be fraternal. That's easy to see,
Simon's Schwarzenegger. You're clearly Danny DeVito!
And I've heard the talk: ten years of looking hard for jobs,
But the last time you got one, Tony Blair was in office!
And it's not the money, man! Most folks are happy to help!
Showing thanks by sitting around is how the disrespect is
This is a wake-up call from across the pond! I'm dropping
So thick diss had to stick an extra 's' on!
So what's your problem, Jim? Your brother is such a great
Won't say goodbye, even though the bloke can barely scrape
And you won't even try to find a job, you sloth asshole!
At least when ho's go broke, they learn to work the pole!
So fight, Simon! And if he moans he's got nowhere else to
Tell him to try hell! Maybe he can crash on they floor!
Oh, don't act that depressed, man! Just make a move on this
Or this douche will continue to use you and your flat 'til
you do!
But whatever you choose, you better get move on it soon,
'Cause when he hears this, living together is gonna get real
awkward for you.
Cheers, dude!
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