Violet Skies lyrics de In This Moment
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parole In This Moment Violet Skies paroles lyrics

Paroles In This Moment Violet Skies lyrics

Fiche de Violet Skies In This Moment lyrics
clip In This Moment - Violet Skies video parole Violet Skies - In This Moment lyrics
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Dulling from within to find a reason for it all
Lost for years
In the storm
Waiting for the rain to stop me from washing me away
I held on tight
Awaiting night

And I lay me down to sleep
And find a world where I was free

Imagine a place
Where dreams lead the way
And all of your colors fade the grey
Imagine the dream
Now close both your eyes
Fall into the violet skies

Deep inside your eyes it shows
You've been lost for too long
Out of touch
On the edge
I promise you will find a way
I found a pathway home
I'll carry you
You're not alone

So now I lay us down to sleep
I found a world where we are free

Imagine a place
Where dreams lead the way
And all of your colors fade the grey
Imagine the dream
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