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paroles officielles ♪ Time, Irrelevant ♪
...And so our man returns to "save" the computermonster and
notices that the
metalbrain is still alive...!? In quite bad condition, but
anyway. The angel

(Machine: )
Time, irrelevant. I can't die and it's my own fault
Inspiration of a living organism
I lost my files but I'm still well, existing
Though surrounded only by bacteria an viruses
(The Angel: )
How do you feel? Laa - la - laa, you were out of line!
(Machine: )
(The Angel: )
Don't be afraid, you'll have your memory back, if you wanted
(Machine: )
Deep in the mud, totally locked
I started to reorganize myself
I ordered the files into a new dimension
Though I felt as slow as hell
(The Angel: )
Outside the cruel metal that keeps you fed, things don't
look the same
(Machine: )
So I was cheated, cruelly treated
(The Angel: )
It's not really like you feel, do you judge me when it's
(Machine: )
Aah! Ooh!
(The Angel: )
Can't you understand if I told you and told you to turn your
You would laugh only loud
Machines don't believe me!
Machines don't believe me!
Machines don't believe me!
Machines don't believe me!
Leave me! Leave, leave, leave, leave!

The computerbrain is reactivated, but this time, "harmony"
between these
different forces can be found!

(Machine: )
(John Doe: )
...you believe...
(John + Machine: )
(Everybody: )
(Machine: )
(John Doe: )
...you believe...
(John + Machine: )
(Everybody: )
(John Doe: )
Thinking (desperate for a...)
Thinking (and then you turn to the machine)
Thin(g)king (on a way to the endless...)
...Sinking (...into lunacy)
(Machine: )
Yeah! Yeah!
(John Doe: )
Die! Die!
(Machine: )
Yeah! Yeah!
(John Doe: )
Die! Die! Die! Die!...
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