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Run To You lyrics par Whitney Houston
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Fiche de Run To You Whitney Houston lyrics
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clip Whitney Houston - Run To You video parole Run To You - Whitney Houston lyrics
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Hoo hoo hoo hoo
I know that when you look at me
There's so much that you just don't see
But if you would only take the time
I know in my heart you'll find
Oh, a girl who's scared sometimes
Who isn't always strong, can't you see the hurt in me?
I feel so all alone

[Refrain] :
I wanna run to you hoo hoo
I wanna run to you hoo hoo hoo
Won't you hold me in your arms
And keep me safe from harm?
I wanna run to you hoo hoo
But if I come to you hoo hoo hoo hoo
Tell me will you stay or will you run away

Each day, each day I play the role
Of someone always in control
But at night, I come home and turn the key
There's nobody there, no-one cares for me
Oh, what's the sense
Of trying hard to find your dreams
without someone to share it with
Tell me what does it mean


Run away no
I need you here
I need you here to wipe away my tears
To kiss away my fears
If you only knew, how much I wanna run to you

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1 réaction pour Whitney Houston - Run To You paroles
#1 par kiss 07/08/2007 à 18:36:24
el dechire la chanson rng kif whitney
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