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The Race lyrics par Wiz Khalifa
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The World turning, the weed burning
Them haters talking, I keep earning
Know some who say lifes a bitch
Well I’ma keep flirtin and f-ck that bitch for the money and Louie V purchases
Old folks jock my car cause they know just what this is
N-ggas flexin’ hard with no bars, they got weak servants
Keep verses, Mortal Kombat
Look at my ring, if I aint ballin’ bitch then what you call that
Nothing but net, ain’t back cause i never left.
I did everything right n-gga better yet
Roll a blunt for the niggas thats around us.
Something like a contractor building from the ground up
Now just
Twist up this weed
Realise that you in the presence of a G
Don’t f-ck up my paper meaning my cheese
Or the ones I use to roll up my trees
F-ck it, you know what I mean

I’m riding round, smoking, my music aloud
Kinda do my thing, no disrespect to the n-ggas before me
Some smile up in your face but then they on the low
Now I just stunt on my own
Now I just stunt on my own

I’m in a race, and taking the winners place
No foot on the brakes
one the best, homie thats what they call me
It’s lonely at the top, aint no company so
Now I just stunt on my own
Now I just stunt on my own

See me, when I’m alone, wishing they could f-ck with me
My ex calling my phone, wishing she could stunt with me
But I’m just riding dog, doing a buck fifty
Stunting like Jet Li, boat houses and Jet Ski’s
Thirty on the flight, ice like the Gretsky’s
My dime pieces only recognize the best tree’s
Treat ‘em like I don’t need ‘em boy, you best believe
You in her face, I let her breath

From debated on, to waited on
From hated on, to the n-gga they put they cake up on
Cause we are, Young Movie stars
Cause we are, Young Movie stars


(Ooooooh, oooh, ooo-oo-oooooh)
(Ooooooh, oooh, ooo-oo-oooooh)
(Ooooooh, oooh, ooo-oo-oooooh)

[Wiz Khalifa - Verse 3]
O-ooo-oh, now I just stunt on my own
Bitches aint say shit to me but now they won’t leave me alone
Used to walk the other way
But now they all come to my home
And they calling my phone, cause my paper was looong
Nothing, they aint singing my song
Get hired up, if they want than I bring them along
We flying up, now you want me to take it all off
me to take it all off

Tell a bitch I’ma ball and I’ma buy a new crib for my n-ggas n all
Cause I remember days we’d sit and picture it all
N-gga swear I’d leave or pictured I’d fall
Counting reasons why they hate, your bitch think I’m a star
Cause we are, young, gifted, not to mention out here making muthaf-cking millions
Yeah, I said it, muthaf-cking millions
Got my money up, I’m in the building

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