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Traduction de Leather Boots de Alice Cooper
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Fiche traduction Leather Boots Alice Cooper lyrics
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Alice Cooper - Leather Boots lyrics Leather Boots - Alice Cooper traduction
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paroles {Leather Boots}

Leather boots poundin' the floor
Black and shiny kickin' the door
The police, hit the streets
They would never take the boots off of their feet

If I break the law and get caught
I could get smashed in the face
By the big boys
'Cause they're frightened by the real world
Frightened by the real world
Scared of the real world. Oh yeah.

I saw a cop, he looked pretty shot
By some criminals, left there to rot
I took a look, no one around
I put on his boots and stomped on the ground

Stood tall and felt so strong
I wanted to be just like them
So I could hurt somebody
Hurt somebody

Hurt somebody, hurt somebody
Scared of the real world. Oh yeah.
Scared of the real world. Oh yeah.

Don't litter or score in the dark
Don't kill your lover and don't overpark
Cause if you murder or if you loot
Get the heel of my new leather boots

If I break the law and get caught
You could get smashed in the face
By this young boy
Who is frightened by the real world
This boy is frightened by the real world
I gonna hurt somebody
'Cause I'm frightened of the real world. Oh yeah.
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