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Traduction de My Stars de Alice Cooper
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Fiche traduction My Stars Alice Cooper lyrics
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Alice Cooper - My Stars lyrics My Stars - Alice Cooper traduction
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paroles {My Stars}

My stars so far no one's callin' me home
Space brain vagabond livin' on my own
Come all ye faithful you know all you people should come to me
I'll make you arms work and I'll make your legs work I'll make you see
Ladada ladada ladada ladada ladada whoa yeah
Well I swear by the air I'll be made to breathe
You'll pay very dear for this banishing deed
The power alone stored in my little hand
Could melt the Eiffel tower turn the sphinx into sand oh whoa oh oh
Oh no thar she blows spreadin' crazy news
All night cannonball loves to light the fuse
And everyone blows up and nobody grows up to fill dad's shoes
But that doesn't matter 'cause no little boys really wanted to
Ladada ladada ladada ladada ladada aah whoa whoa whoa whoa
I stared at the squall line I stared at the fault line
I see a funnel black there I think I see a crack there
Landscapes alive and it's movin' my feet
All I need is a holocaust to make my day complete oh oh oh ooh
Klaatu barada nikto klaatu barada nikto
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