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Traduction de Nurse Rozetta de Alice Cooper
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Fiche traduction Nurse Rozetta Alice Cooper lyrics
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Alice Cooper - Nurse Rozetta lyrics Nurse Rozetta - Alice Cooper traduction
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paroles {Nurse Rozetta}

I'm a shepherd for the pentecost
I got my scriptures and my wires crossed
I got no kids and I got no home
They want us holy men to live alone

Since I've been here for a little stay
I see Rozetta day by day
She turns my head makes me cough
I want to tear my collar off

I just can't sleep at night
Rozetta dressed in white
She's got the Devil's light
Shining in her eyes

Screamed my sermon damning sin and vice
When underneath I was a regular guy
My pulpit melted like a block of ice
When a bolt of lightning hit me from the sky

From my stretcher when they wheeled me in
I stared directly in the eyes of sin
Nurse Rozetta standing over me
And I was helpless as a man of God could be

Nurse Rozetta I won't let her
Catch me peering down her sweater
Fantasizing silk suspender on her thighs
Nurse Rozetta make me better
Secretly my eyes undress her
Let me feel your tongue depressor

I'm suddenly twice my size
My pants are all wet inside

She's so creative with a bar of soap
And so inventive with a stethoscope
To check my pulse she gotta hold my hand
I blow the fuse on the encephalogram

Satan sent her from the bowels of hell
I should have recognized old Jezbel
I surrendered to the urges felt
She popped the buckle on my bible belt

I just can't sleep at night
Rozetta dressed in white
She's got the Devil's light
Shining in her eyes

I'd lick her nylon seams
Like a hungry cat with cream
Oh what a vivid seam
And I can't hold back no more
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