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Traduction de Public Animal #9 de Alice Cooper
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Fiche traduction Public Animal #9 Alice Cooper lyrics
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Alice Cooper - Public Animal #9 lyrics Public Animal #9 - Alice Cooper traduction
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paroles {Public Animal #9}

Hey hey hey yeah hey hey hey
Me and G.B. we ain't never gonna confess we cheated at the math test
We carved some dirty words in our desk well now it's time for recess
Old man waitin' by the monkey bars tradin' all his ball cards
And they promised him a gold star and they told him he could go far
Hey Mr. Bluelegs where are you takin' me
I'm like a lifer in the state penitentiary
If I keep my nose clean I won't get my eyes shined
But I'm proud to be public animal number nine
License plates are are runnin' out of my ears
I'd give a month of cigarettes for just a couple of lousy beers
Or even a bottle of real cheap wine
But that's the price you pay to be
Public animal number nine number nine oh
Hey Mrs. Cranston where are you takin' me
I feel like a lifer In the state penitentiary
She wanted an Einstein but she got a Frankenstein
Yeah I'm proud to be oh public animal number nine
Oh public animal number nine public animal number nine
Public animal number nine nine
Public animal number nine number nine number nine
Public animal public animal number nine nine
Public animal number nine public animal number nine
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