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Traduction de Sideshow de Alice Cooper
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Fiche traduction Sideshow Alice Cooper lyrics
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Alice Cooper - Sideshow lyrics Sideshow - Alice Cooper traduction
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paroles {Sideshow}

I ain't got no fun today
It's just like yesterday, oh yeah
Only different shades of grey
I'm bored right out of my skull
I'd have to get high just to be dull
I'm institutional
My TV screen spins around and around
And around and around

I need a sideshow
Some kinda creepshow
They ran the circus out of town
But the ring master said "Boy, you can
stick around"

I pay to see all the freaks
Some finger lickin' chicken-eating geek
Hey, that sounds cool to me
I just want to step inside
I want a scary ride, oh yeah
See Jeckyll turn to Hyde
I fell my head spinnin' round and around
And around and around

I need a sideshow, oh yeah
Some kinda creepshow, oh yeah
I just want someplace to go, oh yeah
I tried to be the circus clown
But even my monkey wouldn't hang around

And the hunchback midget and his
twisted friends
Offer me a world of thrills that never end

I need a sideshow
Some kind of freaky show, oh yeah
Down where the neon glows
Just like a psychedelic video
Or a 24 hour party, go go go
Not a 90210, no
I need a sideshow
My private sideshow
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