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KoЯn - X-Mas Song lyrics X-Mas Song - KoЯn traduction
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paroles {X-Mas Song}

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
everybody was stoned, even the mouse
Man from the courthouse, and me from jail, I just settled down,
to get a piece of her tail
When all of a sudden, I heard such a clatter, I tripped on my dick,
and busted my bladder
I went downstairs, and what did i see, a fat little red fagget,
hanging from a tree
He stuffed the stockings, with reefers and beer, and a big fat hairy dick,
for the family queer
That's the end of my story, funny wasn't it, you see
She didn't even...
She didn't see my thing behind you, leave you for this private eye,
I was there to give'em near to my, zima zima mommy fah,
I'm gonna say this, hope it don't offend you, came to the grizma,
give'em a taste of me, give'em a little excitement to the damn monkey,
your monkey can stay with me,


Chevy took my brain, same old motherfucker sucked my dick that day,
he will never zima zima, never never not that day,
I'm really sick of all this excitement, yeah,
but he thinks he's better than me, uma zooma nooga dunga,
you can suck my dick all day, one, two, three, four,
Santa can suck my dick all day
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