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Traduction de Where Do We Go Wrong de Patrice
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Fiche traduction Where Do We Go Wrong Patrice lyrics
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Patrice - Where Do We Go Wrong lyrics Where Do We Go Wrong - Patrice traduction
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paroles {Where Do We Go Wrong}

Me and peeps we be cruising on
Merkaba Internal keep blusing on
Shashamani will never be cooling down
we’re moving on

assume in different ways
that what we feel today
when we see the children play
they are not afraid
of anything
they know something
are you feeling what I say
in my very different way
I am so afraid
Oh yeah
Of everything

[Chorus] :
Where do we go wrong
Let me tell you something
I was never reaching
Just take us to the top
Where do we go wrong
They be forever preaching
Never see them laughing

But we never stop

I have an axe to grind
Our world is in a bind
The dollars make us blind
All the time
Oh my
To everything
And another thing
don’t tell me that is this
don’t tell me this is that
I know just where you’re at
Just relax
That’s just not my thing
Oh give me peace
‘coz Jah has release


But we will never stop
Where do we go wrong
Let me tell you something
I was never reaching
Just take us to the top

Battered and beleaguered
Was the case
As we were firmly
Put in our place self deprecating
What a waste it was never ending
So hard they chased

It’s all about the energy
You’re sending me
When a penni
You ah penni me
So you’re telling me
That that food
That you’re selling
Me is so
But I’m telling you
It’s killing me

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