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Traduction de What Do You Say? de Sam Cooke
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Fiche traduction What Do You Say? Sam Cooke lyrics
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Sam Cooke - What Do You Say? lyrics What Do You Say? - Sam Cooke traduction
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paroles {What Do You Say?}

If you love somebody
the way that I do
and your heart is hoping
she feels that way too
you're longing to ask her
you're longing to know
but what do you say if her answer is no

there's so much to tell her
so much to say
but how can I tell her
when I'm so afraid
that she might not love me
and if this is so
what do I say
when here answer is no

what do you say
when your dreams dissappear
and all that you planned fade from you
what do you say
with you're eyes filled with tears
and your heart breaking in two

tonight I will her tell her
they way that I feel
I think that she knows for it's hard to conceal
if she said she loves me
my whole world would glow
but what would I say
if her answer is no
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