Traduction de Dancing Dead de Shaka Ponk
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Shaka Ponk Dancing Dead traduction

Traduction Shaka Ponk Dancing Dead lyrics

Fiche traduction Shaka Ponk Dancing Dead
Shaka Ponk - Dancing Dead lyrics Dancing Dead - Shaka Ponk traduction
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{Dancing Dead}

Dance, lika in supa trance, Nance, nada consequence
Don't you care about what the populaz say
Don't you give a funk they' re not like you and me, So passé

Shine and dance, you my supa trans, Shark, crawling in the dark
Take a look around, these skeletons are damned
They have made their time so fuck them anyway
yopa hey ohh !

Pumpin the jam or caught in bad romance.
Like a litta Gozee, I like to prance
You are my hero: muscle gogo
I ve got the growing sticky-mojo

I've got a pill stamping into my head
I'm dancing dead

Shine, sparkling multi lightz, Oh my, am I still alive ?
Don't you realise I'm losing da control
Losing da control is nada fun at all ... not at all

Pumpin the jam or caught in bad romance
Like a litta Gozee, I like to prance
I've lost my biga dancing gogo
Oh no mo' stick growin' ain't got no mo'

I've got a pill stamping into my head
I'm dancing dead

Ain't got no brain, God 'ain't got no amo, Playing my head on chimo-casino
Russian roulette fok' my motorette
Silly litta thing you got no fluid livin' in
You 'got no vida in the fluid cauz you had a bad deal
Yes you had a bad deal con da pill
So no mo' drug o' be my friend a dancing dead

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