2 Pac I'm Gettin Money song lyrics
I'm Gettin Money 2 Pac lyrics sheet
I'm Gettin Money - 2 Pac lyrics
♪ I'm Gettin Money ♪ official lyrics
Get money, nigga, yeah, aw yeah
Dedicate this one to all the hustlers
That get up every motherfuckin' mornin'
An' put they work in, I see you, I see you, boy

I'm up before sunrise, first to hit the block
Lil' bad motherfucker with a pocket full of rocks
Learned to throw them thangs, get my skinny lil' ass kicked
Niggaz laughed 'til the first motherfucker got blasted

I put the nigga in his casket
An' now they coverin' the bastard in plastic
I smoke blunts on the regular, fuck when it counts
Tryin' to make a million dollars out a quarter ounce

Gettin' ghost on the five O, fuck them hoes
Got a 45 screamin' out survival
Hey nigga, can I lay low? Cook some yayo
An' holla five O when I say so

Don't wanna go to the pen, I'm hittin' fences
NARC's on a nigga back, missin' me by inches
An' they say,? How do you survive weighin' 155
In the city where the little niggaz die?
Tell Mama don't cry 'cause even if they kill me
They can never take the life of a real G

I'm gettin money
I'm gettin money
I'm gettin money
I'm gettin money

Still on parole an' I'm the first nigga servin'
Pour some liquor on the curb for my homies that deserve
If I wanna make a million, gotta stay dealin'
Kinda boomin' 'round the way, think today I make a killin'

Dressin' down like I'm dirty but only on the block
Just a clever disguise to keep me runnin' from the cops
Gettin' high, I think I'll die if I don't get no ends
I'm in a bucket but I'm ridin' it like it's a Benz

I hit the strip, I let my music buck
Drinkin' liquor an' I'm lookin' for a bitch to fuck
Rather die makin' money, than live poor an' legal
As I slang another ounce, I wish it was a kilo

I need money in a major way
Time to fuck my girl, she gettin' paid today
I live 'Thug Life' an' let the money come to me
'Cause they can never take the game from a young G

I'm gettin money
I'm gettin money
I'm gettin money
I'm gettin money

Damned if I don't an' damned if a nigga do
Now watch a young motherfucker pull the trigger too
Raise up an' don't let them see ya cry
Dry your eyes, young nigga, time to do or die

I pack a pistol in my pocket, ready on my glock
Ain't no time for a nigga to even cock shit
I done seen a motherfucker peep pain
At point blank range 'cause he slept on the game

Ain't a damn thing changed, they shakin' the dice
Now roll 'em if you can't stand pain, better hold 'em
'Cause ain't no tellin' what ya might roll
You might fold, catch AIDS from a slight cold

You better live ya life to the fullest
Be quick to kill a bull
Got a pistol, motherfucker, better pull it
An' even if they kill me
They can never take the life of a young G

I'm gettin money
I'm gettin money
I'm gettin money
I'm gettin money
I'm gettin money
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2 Pac - I'm Gettin Money song lyrics
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