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Never B Peace - 2 Pac lyrics
♪ Never B Peace ♪ official lyrics
(Featuring Marvelouz, Storm)
Now of course I want peace on the streets
but realisticly
painting perfect pictures ain't never work
my misery was so deep
couldn't sleep through all my preasures
my quest for cash
I learned fast
using violent measures
memorys of adolescent years
their was unity
but after puperty we brought war
to our community
so many bodies dropping
its got to stop
I want to help
but still I'm stepping
keeping my weapon
must protect myself
promise of a better tomorrow
ain't never reach me
plus my teachers were to petrfied in class to teach me
sipping thunderbird
and grape kool-aid
calling Earl since my stomach was empty
it seduced me to fuck the world
watch my lil homiez
lose there childhood to guns
nobody cries no more
cause we all die for fun
so why you ask me if I want peace
if you can't grant it
niggas fighting across the whole planet
so we can never be peace

Will never be peace
or all we all just headed for doom
still consumed by the beefs
and i'll know there never be peace
thats why I keep my
pistol when i walk the streets
cause there never be peace

No time to rest
they stressed out
I can't remember the days my homie was here
now a days we live in fear
the stuggle is still here
so now who's grabbing there strap
who's getting bucked wild
representing the generation of killers
when I was a child had many dreams
reality kept me and my homiez stressing
tyring to raise my baby girl to be the strongest
know when I'm doing wrongest
I never had a bright day
just drunkless smoking blunts
getting faded
wishing my partna made it
if it was peace
I know there will never be
all my tears were shed
when I lost my homie number three
it's getting harder to see
impossibilty should we just face it
can't get through the pain
but still I can't erase it
so many trials and tribulations
things we facing
wicked days
can't see no brighter days
it's time to chase it
cross dreams
cause the scene is when you never get by
thats why I got to stay high
you'll never know when you'll die
my heart will never leave the ghetto
I know to rise only in peace
thats why I say
there ain't never going to be no peace

Will never be peace
or all we all just headed for doom
still consumed by the beefs
and i'll know there never be peace
thats why I keep my
pistol when i walk the streets
cause there never be peace

Living life lonely
but I can't even cry
cause visions of diseption
all around me
got my eyes full of despise
who can I trust
why even try
they say the world is mine
but I know that's a lie
living to die
set up from birth
steady dreaming
wishing for better days
but all I see is demons
close my eyes
reminisence of my childhood
all I felt was pain from my arrival
no memories of nothing nice
nothing but blinded reminders of my future life
I'm freaking out
I'm getting closer to that other level
will I be strong with game
or just the heartless devil
I hope I'm able to find peace in me
cause theres a storm sixty four inches deep in me
and I try to do the right thing
but it's the wrong thing
that seems to bring me right back
to this dirty game
there never be peace
fuck peace

Will never be peace
or all we all just headed for doom
still consumed by the beefs
and i'll know there never be peace
thats why I keep my
pistol when i walk the streets
cause there never be peace

shit fuck peace, on the strength to my niggas get a peace,
we can't
peace, how the fuck we gonna live happy when we ain't got
none, tear
drops and closed caskets, these mothafuckas are smiling but
don't mean
much, why cause I got to be a thug, see drugs gonna turn
head out, all us niggas acting up, wild ass mothafuckn
niggas ain't got a childhood no more, how the fuck can you
have a
childhood when your at the funeral every fuckn weekend, you
are talking about peace, niggas it ain't no mothafuckn
peace, you
seen the news mothafucka, you ain't heard, little babies
mothafuckas killing their whole family, little kids getting
thrown off
buildings, mothafuckas getting a
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2 Pac - Never B Peace song lyrics
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