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Letter To My Unborn Childtransl3
Only Fear Of Deathtransl3
Dear Mamatransl3
Hit 'Em Uptransl1
One Day At a Time (feat Eminem, Outlawz)transl1
Ain't Hard 2 Findtransl1
California Lovetransl1
Do For Lovetransl1
Unchained (Feat. James Brown)transl1
Young Black Maletransl1
Fuck All Y'alltransl1
Krazy (feat Bad Ass)transl1
Brenda's Got a Babytransl1
I Get Around (feat Money B, Shock G)transl1
Hold On Be Strongtransl1
Soulja's Storytransl1
Where Do We Go From Here (interlude)transl0
I Wonder If Heaven Got a Ghetto (original And Hip-Hop Version)transl0
When I Get Free IItransl0
Thug Styletransl0
R u Still Down? (Remember Me)transl0
Troublesome '96transl0
Open Firetransl0
Nothing To Losetransl0
Hellrazor (feat Stretch)transl0
I'm Gettin Moneytransl0
Definition Of a Thug Niggatransl0
I'm Losin Ittransl0
Ready 4 Whatever (feat Big Syke)transl0
Fake Ass Bitchestransl0
Enemies With Me (feat Dramacydal)transl0
Lie To Kick It (feat Richie Rich)transl0
Nothin But Lovetransl0
Let Them Thangs Gotransl0
16 On Death Rowtransl0
Teardrops And Closed Casketstransl0
Until The End Of Time (RP remix)transl0
Words 2 My First Borntransl0
Runnin On E (feat Outlawz)transl0
Letter To The Presidenttransl0
Still I Risetransl0
When I Get Free (feat J. Valentine)transl0
Why U Turn On Metransl0
Happy Hometransl0
Breathin (feat Outlawz)transl0
Thug N U Thug N Me (feat K-Ci & JoJo)transl0
This Ain't Livintransl0
M.O.B. (feat Outlawz)transl0
Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II)transl0
As The World Turnstransl0
Tattoo Tearstransl0
Black Starry Night (interlude)transl0
U Can Be Touchedtransl0
Y'all Don't Know Ustransl0
God Bless The Dead (feat Stretch)transl0
The Good Die Youngtransl0
Black Jesustransl0
Hell 4 a Hustlertransl0
High Speedtransl0
Unconditional Lovetransl0
Life Of An Outlawtransl0
Point The Fingatransl0
Pac's Theme (interlude)transl0
Something 2 Die 4 (interlude)transl0
Last Wordz (feat Ice Cube, Ice-T)transl0
Souljah's Revengetransl0
Cradle To The Gravetransl0
Under Pressuretransl0
Shit Don't Stoptransl0
Pour Out a Little Liquortransl0
Stay Truetransl0
How Long Will They Mourn Me ?transl0
Peep Game (feat Threat)transl0
Strugglin' (feat Live Squad)transl0
Playa Cardz Right (ft Keyshia Cole)transl0
5 Deadly Venomztransl0
Whatz Nexttransl0
Pac's Lifetransl0
I Get Around--0
Papa'z Song (feat Wycked)transl0
The Streetz R Deathrowtransl0
Guess Who's Backtransl0
Representin '93transl0
Keep Ya Head Uptransl0
Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.transl0
Don't Get It Twistedtransl0
Fuck The World (feat Digital Underground)transl0
Me And My Girlfriendtransl0
White Man's Worldtransl0
Hold Ya Headtransl0
Against All Oddstransl0
All Bout Utransl0
Just Like Daddytransl0
Letter 2 My Unborntransl0
Hail Marytransl0
Toss It Up (feat K-Ci, JoJo)transl0
To Live & Die In L.A. (feat Val Young)transl0
Blasphemy (feat Prince Ital)transl0
What'z Ya # Numbertransl0
Can't C Metransl0
Heavy In The Gametransl0
Lord Knowstransl0
It Ain't Easytransl0
Old Schooltransl0
Young Niggaztransl0
Wonder Why They Call Utransl0
If I Die 2Nitetransl0
Me Against The World (feat Dramacydal)transl0
So Many Tearstransl0
Intro/Bomb First (My Second Reply)transl0
Let Em Have It Remixtransl0
Until The End Of Timetransl0
When We Ride On Our Ennemiestransl0
Wonda Why They Call Utransl0
Words Of Wisdomtransl0
Tradin' War Storiestransl0
Thugz Mansiontransl0
Runnin' (feat Notorious Big)transl0
Run Tha Streetztransl0
Shorty Wanna Be a Thugtransl0
Thug Passiontransl0
U Don't Have 2 Worrytransl0
Who Do You Love ?transl0
Still Ballin (feat Trick Daddy)transl0
Thug n u Thug n Me (Remix)transl0
Thug 4 Lifetransl0
A Crooked Nigga Tootransl0
Black Cottontransl0
Everything They Owetransl0
Po Nigga Blues (Scott Storch Remix)transl0
Hennessey (feat Obie Trice)transl0
When Thugz Crytransl0
Don't You Trust Me ?transl0
All Out (feat Outlawz)transl0
Real Bad Boyztransl0
Ratha Be Ya Niggatransl0
Part Time Muthatransl0
If My Homie Callstransl0
Rebel Of The Undergroundtransl0
Something Wickedtransl0
Tha Lunatictransl0
I Don't Give a Fucktransl0
Crooked Ass Niggatransl0
All Eyez On Metransl0
Ambitionz Az a Ridahtransl0
When We Ridetransl0
2 Of Amerikaz Most Wantedtransl0
Can U Get Awaytransl0
Life Goes Ontransl0
I Ain't Mad At Chatransl0
No More Paintransl0
Only God Can Judge Metransl0
Picture Me Rollin'transl0
Holla At Metransl0
Heaven Ain't Hard 2 Findtransl0
Check Out Timetransl0
Got My Mind Made Uptransl0
Heartz Of Mentransl0
How Do U Want Ittransl0
Ghetto Gospel (feat Elton John)transl0
Out On Bailtransl0
Better Dayztransl0
Never Call U Bitch Againtransl0
U Can Call (feat Jazze Pha)transl0
Military Mindstransl0
Ghetto Startransl0
Late Night (feat DJ Quik, Outlawz)transl0
Better Dayz Introtransl0
When We Ride On Our Enemiestransl0
Street Fametransl0
Whatcha Gonna Do ?transl0
Fair Xchange (feat Jazze Pha)transl0
Fair Xchange (remix Feat Mya)transl0
Catching Feelinstransl0
Ballad Of a Dead Souljatransl0
All About Utransl0
Fuck Friendztransl0
Lil' Homiestransl0
Let Em Have It (feat SKG)transl0
Lastonesleft (feat Outlawz)transl0
Better Dayz Outrotransl0
There U Go (feat Outlawz & Big Syke)transl0
This Life I Leadtransl0
Who Do U Believe In (feat Kadafi (Outlawz))transl0
They Don't Give a Fuck About Ustransl0
Fuck Em Alltransl0
Fuckin Wit The Wrong Niggatransl0
A Crooked Nigga Too (Raphael Saadiq Remix)transl0
Hennessey (Red Spyda Remix)transl0
Loyal To The Game (DJ Quik Remix)transl0
Death Around The Cornertransl0
N.I.G.G.A. (Never Ignorant About Getting Goals Accomplished)transl0
My Closest Roaddogztransl0
The Uppercuttransl0
Soldier Like Me (feat Eminem - Return Of The Soulja)transl0
Loyal To The Game (feat G-Unit)transl0
Thugs Get Lonely Too (feat Nate Dogg)transl0
Secretz Of Wartransl0
Runnin' (Dying To Live - Feat Notorious B.I.G.)transl0
Never B Peacetransl0
The Realist Killaz (feat 50 Cent)transl0
Changed Mantransl0
Niggaz Nature (remix - Feat Lil' Mo)transl0
Mama's Just a Little Girltransl0
Str8 Ballintransl0
Panther Powertransl0
Holla If Ya Hear Metransl0
Starin' Through My Rear Viewtransl0
Bury Me a gtransl0
Same Songtransl0
Good Life (feat Big Syke, E.D.I.)transl0
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