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Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep--2
Miss Murder (Long Version)--1
... but home is nowhere / [The Spoken Word] / This Time Imperfect--1
Torch Songtransl1
Prelude 12/21 - Live From Long Beach Arena--0
Miss Murder - Live From Long Beach Arena--0
Get Hurt--0
Consult My Lover--0
Yurf Rendenmenin--0
Mimi's Song--0
Fainting Spells (Decemberunderground B-side)--0
Miseria Cantare--0
A Winter's Tale--0
Values Here--0
This Time Imperfect (Live)--0
Synthesthesia (demo version)--0
Fallen Like the Sky--0
Three Seconds Notice--0
Where We Used to Play (demo from Crash Love sessions)--0
Malleus Malleficarum--0
Dancing Through Sunday (Live)--0
Silver and Cold (Live)--0
Bleed Black (Live)--0
Death of Seasons (Live)--0
Totalimmortal (Live)--0
Miss Murder (Live)--0
God Called In Sick Today (Live)--0
Love Like Winter (Live)--0
The Missing Frame (Live)--0
A Single Second (Live)--0
Prelude 12/21 (Live)--0
17 Crimes (James Egbert Remix)--0
100 Words (From Sing the Sorrow Sessions 2003)--0
The Leaving Song, Pt. 2 (Live)--0
Summer Shudder (Live)--0
Endlessly, She Said (Live)--0
The Days of the Phoenix (Live)--0
Kill Caustic (Live)--0
Where We Used to Play (Crash Love Sessions demo)--0
Breathing Towers to Heaven (Demo from Crash Love Sessions)--0
Dumb Kids--0
Dark Snow--0
The Leaving Song, Part 2--0
Miseria Cantare: The Beginning--0
No Resurrection--0
Head Like a Hole--0
The Face Beneath the Waves--0
On the Arrow--0
Days of the Phoenix--0
Still a Stranger--0
The Leaving Song, Part II--0
The Sinking Night--0
Heart Stops--0
Hidden Knives--0
Greater Than 84--0
Jack the Ripper--0
Born in the USA--0
Get Dark--0
Pink Eyes--0
So Beneath You--0
Highschool Football Hero--0
A Story at Three--0
Miss Murder (Edited Version)--0
We've Got the Knife (Crash Love Sessions demo)--0
Above the Bridge--0
Miss Murder (album version)--0
She Speaks the Language--0
Feed From the Floor--0
The Killing Light--0
The Wind That Carries Me Away--0
My Michelle--0
Carcinogen Crush--0
Don't Change--0
Fainting Spells (From Decemberunderground Sessions 2006)--0
Silver and Cold (Live Acoustic Version)--0
Chicken Song--0
100 Words (Sing the Sorrow B-side)--0
Rabbits Are Roadkill--0
Born in the U.S. of A.--0
17 Crimes - Commentary--0
Summer Shudder - Live From Long Beach Arena--0
The Leaving Song Pt. II - Live From Long Beach Arena--0
Rewind - Commentary--0
Silver and Cold (album version)--0
Girl's Not Grey (album version)--0
The Great Dissapointment--0
Too Late for Gods (Crash Love B-side)--0
We've Got the Knife (demo from Crash Love sessions)--0
The Celluloid Dream--0
Who Knew?--0
Leaving Song Part II--0
I Wanna Get a Mohawk--0
Kill Caustic - Live From Long Beach Arena--0
The Days of the Phoenix - Live From Long Beach Arena--0
Intro / Prelude 12/21--0
God Called In Sick Today - Live From Long Beach Arena--0
Love Like Winter - Live From Long Beach Arena--0
Now the World (Alternate Early Version)--0
Now the World (Bonus Track)--0
Jack The Ripper (Non-LP Version)--0
Then I'll Be Home--0
The Perfect Fit--0
Totalimmortal - Live From Long Beach Arena--0
Death of Seasons - Live From Long Beach Arena--0
The Missing Frame - Live From Long Beach Arena--0
A Single Second - Live From Long Beach Arena--0
Endlessly, She Said - Live From Long Beach Arena--0
Bleed Black - Live From Long Beach Arena--0
Silver And Cold - Live From Long Beach Arena--0
This Time Imperfect - Live From Long Beach Arena--0
Dancing Through Sunday - Live From Long Beach Arena--0
100 Words (Sing the Sorrow Sessions 2003)--0
Keeping Out of Direct Sunlight (An Introduction) / I Wanna Mohawk (But Mom Won't Let Me Get One)--0
I Wanna Mohawk--0
Synesthesia (demo)--0
Who Said You Could Touch Me Anyway?--0
We Bite--0
Hearts Frozen Solid, Thawed Once More by the Spring of Rage, Despair, and Hopelessness--0
True Romance--0
This Celluloid Dream (demo version)--0
The Hanging Garden (live at BBC)--0
Man in a Suitcase--0
Morningstar / Battled--0
Yürf Rendenmein--0
Open Your Eyes--0
God Called in Sick Today / Midnight Sun--0
Red Hat--0
Malleus Maleficarm--0
Whatever I Do--0
Miss Murder (Broken Spindles instrumental)--0
Miss Murder (Broken Spindles remix)--0
Miss Murder (VNV Nation instrumental)--0
Miss Murder (Top 40 edit)--0
Silver and Cold (edit)--0
Fainting Spells (decemberunderground Sessions 2006)--0
Ziggy Stardust (acoustic)--0
Endlessly She Said (acoustic)--0
Miss Murder (VNV Nation remix)--0
Silver and Cold (acoustic)--0
Paper Airplanes (Makeshift Wings) (demo)--0
The Great Disappointment (demo)--0
Mini Trucks Suck--0
...but home is nowhere (demo)--0
The Leaving Song (demo)--0
Miss Murder (edit)--0
Now the World (336 Sessions)--0
The Leaving Song Pt. II--0
Triple Zerotransl0
The Devil Loves Youtransl0
Today's Lessontransl0
Last Caresstransl0
3 1/2transl0
The Hanging Gardentransl0
Over Exposuretransl0
Salt For Your Woundstransl0
Three Second Noticetransl0
PH Lowtransl0
A Single Secondtransl0
Three Reasonstransl0
Let It Be Broketransl0
Third Seasontransl0
The New Patron Saints And Angelstransl0
Coin Returntransl0
Lower Your Head And Take It In The Bodytransl0
Fall Childrentransl0
The Boy Who Destroyed The Worldtransl0
No Poetic Devicetransl0
The Prayer Positiontransl0
Lower Ittransl0
The Last Kisstransl0
Weathered Tometransl0
The Lost Soulstransl0
Midnight Suntransl0
At a Glancetransl0
Clove Smoke Catharsistransl0
Narrative Of Soul Against Soultransl0
Strength Through Woundingtransl0
Porphyria Cutanea Tardatransl0
Malleus Maleficarumtransl0
Keeping Out Of Direct Sunlight (An Introduction)transl0
Love Is a Many Splendored Thingtransl0
Don't Make Me Illtransl0
Your Name Heretransl0
High School Football Herotransl0
Self Pitytransl0
File 13transl0
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