AZ Firm Biz (remix) (feat. The Firm) song lyrics
Firm Biz (remix) (feat. The Firm) AZ sheet
Firm Biz (remix) (feat. The Firm) - AZ lyrics
♪ Firm Biz (remix) (feat. The Firm) ♪ official lyrics
Verse one: az the visualiza

The six ease out cd laced digital readout
No doubt cop glocks from the dred fuck the weedhouse
Yo elegance hate females with no intelligence
Embezzelment got big boys behind the metal fence
Merrill lynch it's your life crist alright
Vince on ice sex chicks all types
General status smootheness mixed with malice
Trips to dallas built a pool in my palace
Who want what from more moneys I want a cut
Extortin start from the corner step on us up
Sixty inch screen laserdisc with the beam
It's my life I'm holding the dice don't intervene
I send a team to smash out your whole plans
No cold hands liquid or hunger to hold grands
From state bids to large cats who lace cribs
It's firm biz, y'all know what time it is

Chorus: dawn robinson

I'm talking firm biz to you baby (firm firm biz)
Talking bout the firm, that is (firm firm biz)
I'm talking firm biz to you baby (firm firm biz)
Talking bout the firm, that is that is
That is that is firm biz!

Verse two: nas escobar

Peep the stee, creepin with az
B-12's crazy I ball with the firm's first lady
I brawl with those who hate me
Make me spray I all; hoping for the day I fall
Never that though black 4 4's for fedz
Like donnie brascoe so peep the cappos
Who mack most splash it up with lactose
Pretty thug style, I blow you out slug style
Bent in the caddy coupe me and daddy duke
He schooled me on how to stand on my own two
He said son it's all kinda shit you gon' go through
Either you gon' make it or you gon' fall too
Now we headline tours remember me I told you that the world
was yours
Married to the firm laws
Esco bless flows y'all know me
Laced in the sony firm be the hottest click to blow g


Verse three: foxy brown

My pops uesd to warn me never fall victim to the horny
Keep the pussy tight stay that bitch
If I'm gon' fuck lay that dick
Tony get him for his chips and pray he push a six
Now I got game to make the thuggish niggas scream my name
Hope the panties drop only if I cop
The baby blue drop gotta keep my wrist iced
The baddest bitch yeah the sex is alright
Lace 'em all night going to the crib
Jumping out the range in the iceberg tights
Yeah I know about the five and it's one shut eye
360 wave spinning cat thinkin he nas
From now 'til the day we shinin keep my diamond
Esco with me in the e reclining top dogs
The illest duo since the boss name was hugo
Az firm trio stay on the lee low

(chorus with modifications)
Lyrics copyright : legal lyrics licensed by MusiXmatch.
No unauthorized reproduction of lyric. Writer(s): NASIR JONES, INGA D. MARCHAND, TEENA MARIE BROCKERT, LESHAN LEWIS, ALLEN HENRY MCGRIER, ANTHONY S. CRUZ Lyrics powered by
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AZ - Firm Biz (remix) (feat. The Firm) song lyrics
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