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Jump Man (Freestyle) - AZ lyrics
♪ Jump Man (Freestyle) ♪ official lyrics
Jumpman jumpman jumpman I don't need no stuntman
Coach said break a leg and I came back with crutches
If you pop off then my bitch jumpin now we double duthin
808 Metro EP comin they ain't see it comin nooo
Walkin on the moon I feel like Michael with his Afro
Order half the menu, he like Dreezy you a ass whole
Kickin bitches out the building like they broke the lease
He ain't know your name, you shoulda sang Alicia Keys
WNBA cause I been ballin like a bitch
Put a seven in a swisher, we ain't Rollin up no (?)
Walkin with a limp got me feeling like a pimp
Boy quit actin like a wimp, cause I can't date no fuckin (?)
Barely be at home cause I'm always ona road
Know a couple MCM's that be stealin outta stores
He think I got hoes cause I'm always with my bros
Dabbin in my OVO's
Ask your bitch like 'what are those?'
Ain't no pay me back, you owe me money I need that now
I heard I fell off, I check the bank like tell me how
Can't be in no group that's gone end up like Destiny's child
Yo man keep on touchin me, I'm bouta call a foul
I bet I could make a nigga run back to me like he doin
Pull up on them in my newest ride
And bitches fuckin for a Uber ride
Yeah I still rep the same city where you shoot or die
How the rap game got unified
You know Kanye, Common, Do or Die?
Nigga cross me, get crucified
Ima gone and let you decide
See the fake in you, need a new disguise
A bunch of bitch niggas with a (?), dress his ass up with a
suit and tie
Now he job ready
Finger rockin but my palm steady
Fendi wallet, I be in his pocket, only call him when I need
some arm candy
Grew up in the trenches, I know how to get it
Mama told me I was born ready
Celebration to them niggas hating
Tell the cleaning crew we need more fetti
Hit the club, it's like I own (?)
Keep on pushin like the door heavy
I don't care if it was ten dollars, holla when you see me,
niggas know I'm petty
Lil bitches said I'm stealing swag lookin like a H&M
Ballin out in every state, referee pissed cause I keep
Told em jumpman comin soon, all the trap niggas start
Told coach Ima quit early if these weak bitches don't get
more challenging

Don't make my niggas go wild with them automatics
Catchin feelings ain't my style, don't get to romantic
Can't relate to none of these broads we a different fabric
Keep them niggas like wow

This one for niggas who doubted
I take yo head then I mound it
Don't give a fuck who allow it
You ain't on the map, I'm rerouting
Rockin '2-3', fuck a stylist
He say I'm so bad, I'm childish
Hundreds comin out the ATM, I bet I still double count it
I pop out and it's a pep rally
Young legend, so the best signed me
I'm cool, but the sack grimey
Been winnin, I don't even check the tallies
Been winnin, I don't even check the tallies
Got a new crib, just moved to Cali
But I'm still grinding, til the crew shining
Let's get it
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AZ - Jump Man (Freestyle) song lyrics
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