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♪ Runaway Slave ♪ official lyrics
Pitch black bare foot sprinting like a deer shook
Face like a werewolf quoting from the prayer book
Elders back there put
You know that fear make a motherfucker stare and look
I done seen them lynched grandpopz
In my sleep hear them shackles when they slam lock
Fuck master and his ham hots
Let him pick his damn crops probably get my hands chopped
But it's a chance worth taking
Freedom land will be my last location
Them overseers got them hound dogs chasing
My pounding heart racing since departing from the foundation
Blatant, they just whipped little Willie
He can't walk now they ripped his achilles
Why talk, field niggas fear me house
Niggas hear me but they still a little leery
Or scary, just wanna be free got a baby boy three I don't
want him like me
Please, just let me get across know
His freedom's in the north just like Jesus on the cross
Die for our sins I die for my kins just for the sake to see
slavery end
Can't they see we all men
All being hated for the color of skin
It's hard to translate it but my brother only ten
Working in the field got him working for a meal
I'm worshipping still so please send a sign
I'm just another nigga with his ass on the line
Fine, but you know I'm here trying
Trying to stay alive while everybody dying
Back at the plantation momma there crying
But I told momma dear not to care cause I'm a lion
No lying, I know I'm a nigga
But now I'm a nigga that made it to the river

[Chorus: x2]
I'm just a runaway slave
I stay running til they run me in my grave
Either that or they lock me in a cage
Throw away the key
Will I ever be free?
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AZ - Runaway Slave song lyrics
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