AZ Sit 'em Back Slow (feat. M.O.P.) song lyrics
Sit 'em Back Slow (feat. M.O.P.) AZ sheet
Sit 'em Back Slow (feat. M.O.P.) - AZ lyrics
♪ Sit 'em Back Slow (feat. M.O.P.) ♪ official lyrics
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, come on!
Yeah! (Can you hear that shit?)
Yeah! (Can you hear that shit!?)
Fall back, for the 40 cal clap
Slugs burn like hot grits on Al Green's back
Fuck what you heard, fuck what they talking 'bout
We chalk 'em out, you fuckin' with a legend
And I still keep it funky (that's right)
Jump up, I'm gonna shoot you down on the back pockets to
your Red Monkeys
You're on and your H owe[?] me love, then fuck it
You're gettin' money, I can't get none with you, then fuck
Let me explain the bullshit
The same bullshit that make me want to hit your ass with a
full clip
It ain't enough love being spread
Love scene is over, it's all hate, so blood gon' shed
A nigga got goons, a nigga need red
My homey just bought a whip and the shit need rims
And ya'll niggas flossin' hard on a nigga, so fuck ya
I don't respect a G, motherfucker so fuck ya
This is that, Riker's Island rap, for the block cash
On the block scrap, posted up gettin' that dough
Love for the block huggers gettin' that dough
40 cal for them cocksuckers, sit 'em back slow!
What ya'll know about hood love?
Bang out, shoot out, got goons to sit 'em back slow
You should know about my hood love
This ain't a demo, you know my M.O., sit 'em back slow
East coast boogie, boulevard bundled up
Cold corner Remy shots, four, five will numb you up
Crushed purple haze, placed in a honey dutch
By any means, hustlers, get your money up
Strategic tactics, beliefs is backwards
Sights of homicide on the streets is graphic
In front of [?] niggas freeze in traffic
With they drug transactions, the love can't happen
To each his own, we beef, we grown
It's doe or die from day one, I'm in a deeper zone
No disguise, still alive, I reach for chrome
So either way it goes down, I'mma hold shit down
Boppin' to Chris Brown, hop it to brick pound[?]
Showin' the 40 fully, Bape hoody's zipped down
Pass me the piff round, death is all I see
Since my return, all eyes on me
This is that, Riker's Island knock sittin' rap flow
For them blocks getting things, monsters gettin' that dough
The block huggers know the style, triple that dough
40 cal for them cocksuckers, sit 'em back slow!
I get it flowin' like it's water (brrraaaaat!)
I think you oughta support a nigga that sit 'em back slow
The offspring of a quin[?] and a conflict, William Danze
Aw shit! This nigga sit 'em back slow
So (floss!) with your big shit, your big whips and all
(Floss!) You got big chips, your shit sick, but dog
Who did ya'll call when it came to the rugged terrain
For the struggle and pain with the love in his vein?
You mean to tell me this the thanks I get
For keeping East Coast on the map with that gangsta shit?
I think somebody need to check for the glitch
And call Hollywood and tell them start correctin' the script
See I, Danze, did it, spit it off the muscle with it
Dominated the shit, that's why you niggas tussled with it
Yes, yes, I watched how you struggled with it
Felt my position that you niggas would love to get it
Ain't nothing change about me, it ain't the same without me
The game won't bang without me, it's something you bang
about me
It's something down about me, mile about me, piles about me
Something slick about me, rick about me, prince about me
What ya'll know about hood love?
Bang out, shoot out, got goons to sit 'em back slow
You should know about my hood love
This ain't a demo, you know my M.O., sit 'em back slow
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AZ - Sit 'em Back Slow (feat. M.O.P.) song lyrics
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