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Minolta, double exposure, wide lens view
Check credentials and niggas next to push the Benz through
You know the glow iced out rings long dough
Spandex, Moschino, hoe bitches lettin' their thongs show
I play the game took plenty paper still remain the same
A'z ya name, barrel link chain, lettin' my piece dang'
Domestic no more crime play but still connected
It's ethics, calculate your steps through geometrics
Ways spendin, double shades of beige linen 9-7 Expedition
Displayed with all the trimmins
Travel light push tha LS on casual nights
Have you ever puffed the childish weed pipe
That shit will have you right
I roll dice trying to divorce from this cold life
Used to sell coke on tha strip, but now I hold mics
And plan soon to pack and vacate somewhere in Cancun
Escape to a cozy estate filled with mad rooms
Furnished up, too many foul niggas time to turn it up
Push it by the buck and shift gears burn the clutch
Cause it's like this, for these chips I strike swift
Precious jewels a life thats priceless
I payed my dues and through it all I never trade my shoes
Cash rules new crews who made the news
We all for paper, I guess greed is just a second nature
Indeed shots of Hen', rock, and weed'll escalate ya
Some mostly touch along the line crossed up
I took the short cut puffin' on blunts, bustin off nuts
The night type, love dime bitches and night life
Casino dice sexy strip dancers and white ice
I seen the movie most of you niggas couldn't move me
Truly it's like a 6 shot Ruger against a Uzi
So bust ya run, or cock back bust your gun but I fake none
I remain like the sun bless the strong livin'
Intellect and long vision, connects in prison
And real niggas with recognition
So respect the mission Volume One
Second addition the next dimension
Dotted line, sign your deposition.
Lyrics copyright : legal lyrics licensed by MusiXmatch.
No unauthorized reproduction of lyric. Writer(s): CRUZ, JEAN CLAUDE, ANTHONY S BARNES, SAMUEL J OLIVIER Lyrics powered by
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AZ - Sosa song lyrics
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