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The fuck is y'all niggas talking about
Nigga, we was young legends nigga
In the spot all night, Air Force Ones, a hundred keys
Bulletproof vests, a whole cake, a flake
200 grams of bait and you just stand on the pot and do the
Harlem Shake
That's why niggas die: they got 848's
For goodness sake, whatchu think? You the man?
You got a platinum chain? we sold so many grams
We had platinum hands, nigga
And when coke went up, we had it for 27
When we was in these streets, it was like God in Heaven
I'm all about chilling, fam, house, car ceiling fans
Had a run, sold a nice amount of kilograms
Had my fun, really hate to have to kill a man
But, if I ain't feeling scrams, fuck he gotta go
Could give a fuck, got a whole lot a dough, plus
I'm on the low, got a whole lot of ho's, yep
Sucking and fucking got me huffing and puffing
Cussing for nothing, clutching heat, bucking and ducking
But, understand I'm just surviving the game, man
And being broke ain't a part of the gameplan
Deep in it, walk, talk, sleep in it
Replenish, 3 minutes to start us something that's endless
Gotta be a wolf out here to get this motherfucking money,
Y'all niggas running around here tied together by love,
trust, and respect
None of y'all be tied together by lust, fear, and greed and
don't give a parakeet fuck
Direct dispute, bad boys on the rise
Press the mute if your barrel width ain't quarter sized
Get lost if your thoughts is unorganized
The cost is short but I fought with the taller guys
Hate them loudmouths, niggas that wild out
Let off a few shots, hit nothing, then hide out
Get snitched on, surrounded and bribed out
Disarm misinform 'fore they find out
Time is up, state greens is laying for 'em
No liars to trust, since eighteen moms's playing for 'em
Shawty, this is real talk for ya
Niggas will walk towards ya and Tom Sawyer your coil
What the fuck you know about going the full fledged
motherfucking Oscars, nigga. Get the wind beneath your feet
and start dancing with the wolves like Kevin Costner. Made
capo rank, nigga. We was outsmarting people who was paid to
We all balling to see the niggas is scoring or
Hearing that war up North, hearing the morgue is all
Trying to stay afloat with it
Become a part of the system, want to work and cope with it
Convert, it's smart thinking when the heart weaken
And the skin start to darken, body parts start squeaking
Stay creeping, that's my motto for the '04
Oversecure, prepare for that Cold War
Love the cashflow, the streets, the fast dough
The beef, the Mac blow, you sleep, you asshole
Don't stop 'til you paid or you knocked off
Laying in the box, I'm the greatest since Pac
Nigga this is Rilo Wonder, nigga, the rap Rich Porter of the
New World Order
And I've been in the game since I was too young to fuck,
Playing the U-quartro-O-W nigga
University of 40 Grove Street
And in that time, got a lot of real niggas
3 AZ's to be exact
One of them from Jersey, my man Darnell Horns just beat 5
murders in 2 week [?] in the fed joint
Other one from Harlem, nigga, AZ Faison
A transcender of the motherfucking game
Nigga used to come through the 88 joint in '86
By the Rucker, throw a thousand dollars up in the air
Last but not least, Anthony Cruz, nigga AKA Sosa
One of the greatest emcees to ever grace the motherfucking
microphone, nigga
Now I feel he ain't reach his highest potential yet
I don't think it was the raps
Maybe it was the machine, the label or something that he was
Maybe it was the management
But anyway, we ain't blaming no motherfucking body, man
Cause y'all know AZ mean "Almighty zig zag knowledge wisdom
understand and complete" nigga
But today, that A stands for the law of inertia
Meaning wanting something to get out and it's so hot
The public need like a crackhead need his crack, a dope
fiend need his dope, and it can't be muthafuckin' stopped
So y'all need to go out and get this album, The Final Call
Before y'all miss one of the greatest rappers to ever grace
the mic impeach their legacy
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No unauthorized reproduction of lyric. Writer(s): DERRICK JOHNSON, BIZZY BONE, BRYON MCCANE Lyrics powered by
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AZ - The Truth song lyrics
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